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Confessions of a Stationery Addict: Pui Lee

Pui is a freelance graphic designer, and has a background in fashion, retail, branding and product design. Alongside her brother, Wai, they founded Scout Editions, a lifestyle studio where illustration and paper experimentation is at the core of the brand. Pui draws inspiration from her travels, nature and from folklore, resulting in unique paper goods. Each card is thoughtfully designed, from the risograph colour palette to the little histories printed on the reverse. It turns out Pui has always been fond of storytelling. She spoke to us about comic book doodles, paper folding, and her adventures in Tokyo. When did...

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The Papersmith Series: Ged Palmer

Ged Palmer is a lettering artist, sign painter and typographic designer, whose work is a triumphant celebration of the hand-done. Ged learnt his craft here in Bristol (working for Poco and The Gallimaufry to name a few) and now lives in Bethnal Green, London. When he’s not hunting down East End facades to paint, he’s at his shop, The Luminor Sign Co. working on bespoke commissions for a number of discerning clients. Having drawn letterforms for over fifteen years, we were eager to find out about Ged’s intricate process. We chatted to him about his knack for calligraphy, working with...

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Confessions of a Stationery Addict: Jeri Choi, Appointed

Appointed stationery is elegant and understated, making for classic desktop tools that are both practical and utterly sophisticated. At the helm of Appointed is Jeri Choi who, as Director of partnerships, oversees and upkeeps the invaluable relationships with their retailers. With this role comes a wealth of insider knowledge, so we were all ears when Jeri told us about her love of paper, Appointed’s signature notebook, and how she uses stationery to organise her day.   When did your love of stationery begin? Do you have fond childhood memories of pencils and paper? I’ve loved stationery for as long as...

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The Papersmith Series: Richard Sanderson, Esme Winter

Richard Sanderson is one half of Esme Winter, a creative studio who specialise in designing patterns and richly decorated papers. Their paper adorns gift wrap, boxes, notebooks and cards, and their 20th century inspired motifs call to mind the glamour of a bygone era. We sat down with Richard to discuss a childhood filled with crafts, and the studio’s love for the art of correspondence. When did your love of paper begin? I imagine you were both brought up surrounded by antique books and eclectic printed ephemera. Do you have any fond childhood memories? Hello, Papersmiths! It’s a privilege to...

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Confessions of a Stationery Addict: Sidonie Warren

For the second instalment of our monthly column, who better to talk to about all things stationery than our very own founder, Sidonie Warren? Here Sidonie shares her childhood stationery memories, her day to day tools, and her love for travel and design.  - So many of my childhood games involved paper and pens. I’d spend hour drawing floor plans of houses. I set up a magazine with my sisters, and started a library. There’s something satisfying about stamping a book and then pressing the spine along one of those metal security machines. I think I used a mirrored jewellery...

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