Vibrant Stationery Sets

Colourful Stationery Essentials | Vibrant Stationery Sets for Creatives

Add a pop of colour to your workspace with these vibrant stationery essentials

If you're anything like us, you can't resist a vibrant stationery set. A vibrant notebook paired with a pen to match - Yum. We find bold and bright stationery can help to get creative ideas flowing. With so many impressive colours and designs, it's easy to get lost in the world of stationery shopping. That's why we've assembled this colourful stationery shopping list. Time to find the perfect set.

 Colourful Stationery Sets

A: Red Mesh Case, B: Small Magnetic Sticky Notes, C: Banana Notepad, D: The Note Pad, E: Yellow Washi Tape, F: Everyday Pen Blue , G: Hex Eraser Red , H: Everyday Pen Yellow, I: Paul Smith 849 Ballpoint , J: Clissold Green Notebook , K: Orange Washi Tape, L: Azurite Blue NotebookM: Yolk Yellow NotebookN: Hex Yellow Eraser, O: Magnetic Yellow Sticky Notes

Colourful Notebooks

First up, let's talk notebooks.

Jot down your thoughts in style with the block colour Papersmiths notebooks.

You can choose from 236 pages of dot grid, ruled or plain smooth paper pages. The page numbers gradually change colour as you move through the notebook for easy navigation. If you're looking for a notebook that's as stylish as it is functional, these are a perfect choice. 

Considering one notebook for work and one for your personal journaling is essential. For a dreamy duo, you can pair colours on a colour wheel, the ones opposite to, or next to each other make a great match.

Bright Yellow Notebook
Blue Notebook
Pink Notebook
Yolk A5 Yellow Notebook
Azurite A5 Blue Notebook
Fuchsia A5 Pink Notebook


Orange Rhodia Notebook
Moleskine Pocket Notebook
Pocket Moleskine Notebook


Punchy Coloured Pens

Next, let's talk pens. A bright colours stationery set would only be complete with a set of bold, colourful pens. These pens are perfect for taking notes, writing letters, or adding a splash of colour to your work. 

Three pens that are worth a shout out:

Le Pen comes in various colours, perfect for creating a colourful stationery set and organising your notes. Le Pen is an art pen with a micro-fine 0.3mm point allowing for precise accuracy. Use it to draw, underline, highlight and separate your notes. 

The Primo Pen is a must-have for anyone who loves to write in style. This pen features a bold colour and a sleek, modern design that will make a statement. With a smooth writing tip and long-lasting ink in either gel or ballpoint, this pen is perfect for taking notes, signing documents, or jotting down your thoughts.

The Everyday Pen is bringing sunshine to your desk. It's a hybrid pen, combining the smooth-flowing ink of a rollerball with the ease of use found with a Ballpoint. It's manufactured in Japan, the birthplace of the rollerball pen, by a factory who have been creating pens for over 70 years. So we’re in good hands.

Pink Gel Pen
Le Pen Art Pens
Yellow Black Ink Gel Pen
Primo Pen - Coral
Le Pen Art Pen


Primo Pen Yellow
Fountain Pen Green
Primo Pen - Turmeric 

Bold Coloured Pencil Cases

If you're looking for a stylish and practical way to keep your stationery organised, these pouches are for you. They feature a durable mesh construction perfect for storing pens, pencils, erasers, and other small stationery items whilst always being able to see what's inside.  We just love how you can see exactly what you're carrying in these cases, so no rummaging to find that perfect pencil. 

Red Mesh Case
Green Mesh Pouch
Blue Mesh Pouch


Eye Catching Stationery Tools

Last but far from least, let's talk about accessories. No colourful stationery set is complete without some essential tools, washi tape, and paper clips. These accessories are perfect for adding a personal touch and upgrading the uses of your notebooks and journals.  

The notebook band is an essential. Start your colourful stationery collection with a bold and vibrant notebook band. Perfect for keeping your notebook securely closed while adding a pop of colour to your workspace. Made from high-quality materials, hand-sewn by a team of talented seamstresses, this band is designed to last and will make your notebook stand out from the crowd.

Try it in raspberry pinkpurple and other colours too.

The magnetic sticky notes were inspired by the great inventor Nikola Tesla's experiments with static electricity, these reinvented sticky notes will stick to almost any smooth surface. 

We love using ours for mind mapping, planning, entertaining, and leaving notes and reminders. Try them on wood, plastic, walls, glass, metal, paper, cork board, leather, bricks and even some fabrics.

The Hex Eraser is available in multiple colours to compliment your stationery set. This thermoplastic eraser will work for all your pencil erasing needs. Red and green are the ultimate contrasting duo and will look great on your desk.

A5 Notebook Band
Magnetic Sticky Note
Hex Colourful Eraser
A5 Notebook Band
Magnetic Notes
The Hex Eraser


Pink Washi Tape
A6 Notebook Band
A6 Notebook Band


With these vibrant stationery essentials, you'll be able to add some colour and style to your workspace while staying organized and productive. Whether you're using them for work, school, or personal use, these stationery items are sure to make a statement. So go ahead, embrace your love for colour and let your creativity shine!

So there you have it, our colourful stationery shopping list! Whether you're a student, artist, or just a stationery enthusiast, there's something for everyone in the world of colourful stationery. So go ahead, embrace your love for bright colours and let your creativity soar!

Colourful Stationery Sets

A: Fuchsia Notebook, B: Everyday Pen Rose, C: Everyday Pen Pumpkin, D: Cowrie Pink Notebook, E: Dragonfly Notepad, F: Morello Notebook, G: Paul Smith 849 Ballpoint Pen, H: Small Magnetic Sticky Notes Pink, I: Medium Magnetic Sticky Notes Green, J: Kaweco Fountain Pen Green, K: Brush Sign Pen Green, L: Hex Eraser Green, M: Flamingo Notepad, N: Everyday Pen Olive, O: Hex Eraser Pink, P: Pink Washi Tape
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