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The Notebook Trio

Shop the Papersmiths Notebook Gift Sets

Shop our Papersmiths notebook trios, why by one when you can have three?

A stationery gifting must-have to last. These notebook sets come with a gift box for the ultimate in-paper decadence. Our gift boxes are made with Lake District paper stock in a classic hue. They're finished with a luxurious textured emboss, filled with lilac shredded paper and secured with a ribbon, making for an unforgettable unwrapping experience. Prefer to mix and match? Head to our build your own gift set page to find out more.


Ruled paper

A stash of three ruled paper notebooks. Any writer or stationery aficionados dream.

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Plain paper

These plain paper notebook sets are perfect for those with creative flair.

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Dot grid paper

Opt for a stash of three dot grid paper notebooks. A versatile option suited for designers, doodlers and dreamers.

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