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The Self Development Tool Kit: The Best Gratitude, Purpose & Wellness Journals

Start journaling and work on your mental wellbeing at home with these science backed tools.

We highly recommend these journals and tools. In the realm of self-work, there's no quick fix, but integrating the below into your daily routine can uplift your mood and steer you towards becoming the best version of yourself. You will notice the different in just days.

Whether you perceive it as 'just another day' or not, there's no doubt that the 1st of January can bring the opportunity for a fresh slate. There is a collective energy worldwide, pulling us towards a fresh beginning. Not only that, but the time between Christmas and the new year can offer us valuable time for stillness. In this quiet space we are able to reflect on how the last year felt, and with these reflections comes an opportunity for self growth. For most of us, unlocking the potential within ourselves often requires guidance. It's not always clear where to begin. That's where we come in...

We have a carefully selected range of tried and tested tools that support various aspects of personal growth. Our guide caters to every aspect of your self-development goals. Do you seek a gratitude journal for a positive outlook, tools to track progress in a new hobby, or elements to enhance your wellness routine? Perhaps you don't know what you need yet, and that's also a great reason to be here.

To make this process easier for you and guide your to the right tools, we've selected our best sellers below from our self development collection and outlined each of their benefits below. 

Your progress starts here:

1. The Progress Journal

This journal dedicated to tracking your progress across different aspects of your life. You can use it to set goals, track them and review how far you've come. You can see how your moods change and review your growth each day. This progress journal starts with a daily page, where you record the date, your goals for the day, and how you spent your time. You then move to a weekly goal page, where you track your progress toward your goals. This is followed by a monthly reflection page, where you take a look back at the previous month and assess how you did. They haven't miss anything out on this one.

The Progress Journal
£18 | Shop now

2. The Goals Journal

Are setting goals for the first time? Perhaps have a few in mind already for next year. Either way, this goals journal is a great place to track your ambitions. Featuring ten short-term goals, ten medium-term goals and five long-term goals, this book is ideal for anyone looking to take action on multiple aspects of their lives. All goals are summarised in one place with space for you to write your own personal motivation. You can also add photos and sketches to help motivate you creatively through your journey. With a hardcover in a variety of colours and a portable A5 size, this book is one that you would be proud to carry around with you.

Goal Tracking Journal

£18 | Shop now

3. The Five Minute Journal 

This science-backed journal is the original and sparked the guided journaling movement in 2013.  There's less prompts to fill in, so it's perfect for busy people that want to make big changes without dedicating hours of their time that they don't have. By dedicating five minutes daily to the gratitude practice, you'll unlocking the path to a happier and more fulfilling existence, even amid your busiest days. Inside, you'll also discover a guided introduction to the benefits of mindfulness and positive psychology. The luxury cloth covers and style of these diaries is an added win. They feel and look premium, making the process of reaching for your Five Minute Journal a self care ritual in itself.

The Five Minute Journal
£27 | Shop now

4. Mindfulness Affirmation Cards

Embracing affirmations daily might seem unconventional to some, but consistently reinforcing these positive beliefs is a proven psychological technique for rewiring the brain towards a more positive mindset and develop your self esteem. This pack of 52 cards is purposefully crafted to prompt a shift in perspective and encourage a positive outlook Our minds are not machines, they are prone to cognitive biases – but with these they serve as a constant reminder when placed around the home. Developing positive mindsets takes time, so by having these in your home over the next few months you'll reap in the benefits of a long term process of development.  

Mindful Affirmation Cards

£28.00 | Shop now

5. Couples Intimacy Set

This set starts from a premise that love is a skill to be learnt, rather than just an emotion to be felt. It calmly and charmingly takes us around the key issues of relationships, from arguments to sex, forgiveness to communication, making sure that success in love need never again be just a matter of luck.  Few things promise us greater happiness than our relationships - yet few things more reliably deliver misery and frustration. Our error is to suppose that we are born knowing how to love and that managing a relationship might therefore be intuitive and easy. This therapeutic at home set provides opportunity to learn and develop the skill of love together.

Couples therapy home set

£35.00 | Shop now

6. The Sleep Journal

It’s just as important to maintain a good sleeping pattern as it is to ensure you eat and drink well, or get enough exercise, as it is to apply yourself towards your work or goals. Sleep can make all the difference to your mood, motivation and progress. This sleep tracking journal from MiGoals has one page per day inside to track your mood and sleep patterns. It has a dedicated space for both the morning and night. When you wake up, you record your dreams and focus for the day. At night fill in sections to reflect on and rate your day, you can also record what you're thankful for. After using this diary for just a few days, you'll see how your sleep patterns are reflected on your moods and be able to adjust your schedule for a healthier and happier routine.

Sleep Tracking Journal

£12.99 | Shop now

7. Do/ Agile book

Today's world requires a new type of toolkit. One that helps build mental resilience, a growth mindset, and a positive outlook. Once that's in place, you can do practically anything. Inside this book you'll find practical to do lists and learning points to practise your new skills. Do Agile is about resetting our minds and moving forward. The writer Tim Drake shows us that to work effectively in any organisation – and in life in general, we require a mindset that is open, alert, engaged and positive. And importantly, aligned with our core principles. 

DO Agile Book

£9.99 | Shop now

8. Who Am I? Gift Set

The first part of self work, comes from knowing who you are. How are we to start our self growth without self awaresness? This gift set is designed to help us create a psychological portrait of who we are with the use of some unusual, oblique, entertaining and playful prompts. The book is filled with exercises to help us develop our self-understanding within key areas of our lives - helping to create a rich picture of our existence. It has chapters on psychology, relationships, sex, work, utopia and more.

Who am i gift set

£99 | Shop now

9. The Positive Planner

The Positive Planner is a 12-week journey of self-care, mindfulness, and daily positivity. This daily journal goes beyond traditional planners, making journaling and mindfulness part of your everyday routine. Inside you'll discover dedicated sections for daily intentions, reflections, mood checking, and gratitude, along with practical tools for enhancing positivity and managing your wellbeing. Despite its focus on mental health, this remains a planner at heart, offering organisational features like meal planners, shopping lists, and monthly diary spreads. 

Positive Planner

£22 | Shop now

10. The Gratitude Journal

This Gratitude Journal is a brilliant tool for building a happy and fulfilled life and staying present in the moment. The everyday struggles of life can take their toll on us all and this is the perfect way to really see what is important and be thankful for what we have. With a series of gratitude exercises and worksheets, it will help form a positive mindset and help you to become more focused on the things that matter the most.


£13 | Shop now


11. The Five Minute Journal - Fit Edition

Celebrate your life. Build your fitness routine. Live well. The Five Minute Journal Fit Edition is rooted in gratitude, which is the foundation to growth and positive change–all-powerful to fitness and overall health. This journal is the perfect companion for both those who are starting out and already are on a wellness journey. It will help you prioritise self-care, balance your physical and mental health, stay on track with your well-being goals, and become happier and more mindful. 

Fitness Journal

£28 | Shop now


We hope that one of these tools will help you organise your life a little better, having a better understanding of who you are and what you need to thrive. 

Want to browse more tools like these? You can shop the full self-development collection here.

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