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The Pen to My Paper: Unique Valentine's Gifts

As you embark on the quest to express your love, we invite you to explore our unique collection of personalised Valentine's Day gifts for stationery lovers. Because let's face it, nothing says "you're the pen to my paper" quite like a thoughtful stationery treasure.

In our carefully curated Valentine's Day gift guide, discover a world of unique gifts by independents and UK makers that go beyond the ordinary. Picture your chosen delights nestled in a luxurious orange and pink gift box – a visual treat crafted in the serene landscapes of the Lake District, using GFsmith papers.

Valentine's Day, falling on Monday, 14th February 2024, is a celebration of love, and we're here to make it extra special. Dive into our fine selection of fun Valentine's cards and gifts. Perfect for all kinds of love. Create meaningful presents that will be treasured forever

Luxury Valentines Gift

1. The Luxury Valentine

Unveil the epitome of sophistication with our Luxury Elegance set. The Paul Smith x Caran d'Ache Fountain Pen, paired with the Papersmiths hardback ruled Clifton Notebook and a crafted Valentine's card, speaks volumes.  

Paul Smith x Caran d'Ache Fountain Pen - £79.90 - Shop now

Clifton Notebook - £28 - Shop now

 Trendy Valentines Gift

2. The Trendy Valentine

For the trend setters, our Trendy Valentine set combines the precision of Caran d'Ache's mechanical pencil and ballpoint pen set. Add a touch of organisation with Sticky Notes and house these treasures in a Floral Pencil Case from Barcelona's WOUF. This set makes creativity bloom.

Lola Pencil Case - £35 - Shop now

Caran d'Ache's Mechanical Pencil & Ballpoint Pen Set - £55 - Shop now

Sticky Notes - £6.50 - Shop now

Intimacy Gift Set

3. The Intimate Valentine

Explore emotional connections with The School of Life's Intimacy Gift Set. This section goes beyond the conventional, offering a profound exploration of emotions. Complemented by a specially selected Valentine's card, this set fosters a deeper understanding of love and connection.

Looking for a smaller gift? You can also choose the more compact version of this set. The Partners and Couples Gift Set. Containing the connect game and couples workbook.

The School of Life's Intimacy Gift Set - £70 - Shop now

The Partners and Couples Gift Set - £35 - Shop now

Gratitude Diary Gift

4. The Grateful Valentine

Encourage gratitude and reflection with our Grateful Valentine set. The Migoals Gratitude Journal, paired with Papersmiths' Primo Pen in Coral. Add a stylish notebook band to create a harmonious blend of functionality and flair. Express appreciation and inspire with this heartfelt combination.

Migoals Gratitude Journal - £13 - Shop now

Primo Pen in Coral - £14 - Shop now

Notebook Band - £8 - Shop now

 Valentines Planner Gift Set

5. The Organised Valentine

Wrap up our exploration with the Organised Valentine set. The Intelligent Change Love Planner, complemented by Papersmiths' Periwinkle Primo Pen and a Valentine's card, turns aspirations into reality. Foster a year filled with shared goals, dreams, and, of course, love.

The Intelligent Change Love Planner - £29 - Shop now

Primo Pen in Periwinkle - £14 - Shop now

Valentine's Gift Ideas

Complete your Valentine's Day preparations with these distinct and meaningful stationery gifts. At Papersmiths, we believe in the power of creativity and expression, making your celebrations truly unique.

Shop the full gift edit here.

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