Finding the Perfect Notebook: A Guide to High-Quality Notebooks

Finding the Perfect Notebook: A Guide to High-Quality Notebooks

Find Your Perfect Stationery Companion: Premium Quality Notebooks for Writing & Planning

Behind every creative writer, talented doodler, and productive perfectionist is a notebook to aid their talents. We think of it as a handy sidekick, guiding you to the most supreme ideas. Find the Robin to your Batman or the Bonnie to your Clyde, and don't be seen without them! 

This guide will discuss what makes a notebook high-quality, the key features to look for, and which one to choose from our curated selection of premium notebooks.

What makes a notebook high-quality?

When choosing a high-quality notebook, there are several key factors to consider. Paper quality, binding style, page count, and texture are all essential components to keep in mind. It all depends on what you will be using it for. A notebook with high-quality paper will allow for a smooth writing experience, while a sturdy binding style will ensure that your pages stay intact, even after frequent use. A notebook with a suitable page count and larger pages will give you enough space to write, while a smaller, thinner notebook may be perfect if you're looking to keep it in your pocket. Lastly, a comfortable texture for the cover will make it feel luxurious to handle and easier to grip.

1. Notebook Paper Quality

A. Paperweight and texture matter! Why? Let's take a look. As your paperweight is a higher, larger number, it will mean that the thickness and sturdiness of the paper increase too. The thicker paper is best for less ink show-through, which is excellent for some inks, such as those from fountain pens. Heavier and thicker paper weight can also provide a more luxurious feel to the pages. Who doesn't want to feel like they're writing on luxurious paper rather than something thin and flimsy? Some paper expects have even mastered paper types that have higher weight paper but still maintain a smooth and light feel. Genius.  

2. Notebook Cover Durability

Depending on where you are going day-to-day and how you carry your notebook, you may want a more or less protected cover. The durability of your notebook cover depends on a few factors.

Some of our notebooks come with protective PVC covers, and some come with a thicker, more robust card to protect the pages. If you purchase a notebook with a thinner soft cover, you may want to buy a notebook case or mind how you carry it around. Those pages may warp in your bag. Not a good look! Some good options for a cover are leather covers, PVC covers and any hardcovers. Some even come with excellent, water resistent fabric designs. Such as Appointed notebooks. Choose the one that looks best to you.

3. Notebook Binding

The binding of notebooks can vary. Two popular types are spiral bound and saddle stitch. A typical binding type that we have in our notebooks is lay-flat binding. 

What is Lay-Flat binding? 

Lay-Flat binding is where the notebook opens flat across the centre. This can mean that the pages are only interrupted by a subtle fold in the middle. This can offer you landscape page formats when using your notebook. Exciting!

Lay-Flat binding is a slower process than standard perfect binding, so it's a more premium offering, but it's sure worth it when your notebook pages don't spring closed when you finish writing.

What are the benefits of using a high-quality notebook?

In addition to the smooth writing experience we dream of, a high-quality notebook has several other benefits. Durable binding and high-quality paper are more likely to last longer, making it a better investment. No one wants their pages to fall out, and the ink seeps through them, wasting valuable writing space.

The right notebook can help boost your creativity and productivity and elevate your writing experience. Whether you're using it to jot down notes, write a novel, or plan your life, a high-quality notebook will be a valuable tool.

Our notebook collection

Let's delve into our notebook offering. Now you have a better understanding of what a quality notebook means to you, you can make a choice based on your needs. We will go through some of our best notebooks and a few details about them.

Notebooks with printed covers

The Completist and Emilio Braga provide colourful graphic notebooks. They brighten up any day. 

The Completist notebooks range from A6 to A4 size and come in a range of prints. These ones are made by a family run music book maker right here in the U.K, and the inside sheets are made from music sheet paper. Music to our ears!

pastel print notebook
Circle print lilac notebook

Orange Pattern Notebook
Pastel Patterned Notebook

Hardcover notebooks

Emilio Braga uses hardcover notebooks that are hand sewn. 100 Sheets of 90grms plain cream coloured paper gives these vibrant notebooks a quality feel. hardcover notebooks can take a battering in your bag and your pages will stay in one piece. Perfection!

Cloud Black and White notebook
Hardcover notebook

The Reliable Moleskine Hardcover Notebook

The classic that you can depend on. Stock up on Moleskine.

Moleskine Notebook
Moleskine Notebook

Cloth Covered Notebooks

These are covered with biodegradable cloth that's also water resistant. Coffee spillage? No problem. 

Green Fabric Notebook

Natural linen notebook
Pink fabric notebook

Sophisticated Paper Soft Covers

The embossed texture on our Papersmiths notebooks makes them a pleasure to keep by your side. They’re British made, and full of 100gsm, wood free paper. You can also choose from dot grid, ruled or plain pages.

Papersmiths notebooks
Notebook coloured page numbers

Pencil Case

The Classic Stalogy A5 Notebook

Named 'Indy Best's Best Buy Notebook' by The Independent in 2020. This A5 notebook contains super light, fountain pen friendly paper and a coated cloth and paper cover.

Stalogy paper very little bleedthrough despite it being so thin. It's incredibly smooth and feels luxurious to touch too. 

Stalogy A5 Notebook
Stalogy Dates

Spiral Bound Notepads

Is your life filled with scraps of paper and to-do lists? Perhaps you're in need of a spiral-bound notepad instead. Aside from the Appointed cloth-bound notebooks with their fancy brass spirals, you can also browse these jazzy styles in A5. Hardcovers and appealing patterns on the front, yum. If you're not lured in by the design, you certainly will be by its durability.

Notebook Notebook


In conclusion, if you're looking to elevate your writing experience, it's essential to choose a high-quality notebook. Consider the key features as well as the aesthetics. With a range of types to choose from, you'll be able to find the perfect notebook for your needs. And by choosing from our curated selection, you'll have access to a range of handmade and thoughtfully designer notebooks, each with its own unique features. Whether you're using your notebook for writing, planning, or anything in between, a high-quality notebook from Papersmiths will be a valuable tool.

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