In progress: our pen collection

In progress: our pen collection

Big news! Our first collection of Papersmiths writing pens is in development. Following on from the launch of our debut collection of notebooks, I thought it only right that our next product launch was something that could work with the notebook. So I've been beavering away on creating a set of writing instruments to join the shelves.

If you followed our journey of developing the notebooks, you'll know that I took you through the process over here on our blog. And, just like with our notebooks, I'll be sharing behind the scenes peeks of the design and development of our pens. You can sign up to our newsletter to have these updates delivered straight to your inbox and to hear about when they arrive on the shelves. 

Although I didn’t realise it at the time, my pen research began back in 2013 when I started sourcing pens for Papersmiths. Every season, I'd come across a multitude of pens that look beautiful, snazzy and sleek. They'd make my heart skip a beat with hope. But writing with them generally made my heart sink. Whether it was a catchy nib or a leaky barrel, the functionality was not always up-to-scratch. Then there were the pens that wrote like a dream and had been developed and improved upon over decades, but looked terribly dull, fussy or downright ugly. My mission has always been to find those rare and wonderful pens that meet our requirements of top form and top function. 

So, in the developing our own pen, the same principals would have to be met.  We've got a pretty decent selection of top class pens at Papersmiths and it was these that I turned to in my initial research to determine what makes a good pen.

I've opted for a pen type that appeals to the many, not the few. If I chose to kickstart our collection with a fountain pen, I'd be limiting our audience straight off the bat. But I didn't want to create a standard ballpoint either. Although it's a more accessible and universal pen, high-viscosity oil is an instant turnoff for many writers.

Personally, I like a pen with an ink that flows like a fountain pen, even if it hasn't got the nib. And I wasn't about to develop a pen that would sit on my own desk untouched! I wanted to create a pen that I’d be an advocate for and which could meet the needs of the everyday writer.

So I've decided to work towards a hybrid that brings together a smooth flowing ink, closer to that found in a fountain or rollerball, with the ease of use found with a ballpoint. 

That's it for now but stay tuned for more design updates. You can sign up to our newsletter here to receive updates in your inbox and be the first to know when the pens are ready.

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