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2024 Diaries: A Round Up of Six Planning Picks

Hello, I've picked some of my favourites from our 2024 diary collection. Here's my round-up. 👌

I've spent a lot of time looking through the diaries, exploring their layouts, feeling the textures of the paper and covers, and of course using my own. This choice is down to my personal preferences from my planning experience and what works for me. I hope you enjoy my selection, if you'd like to check out the full collection you can head to our full 2024 diary blog here.

1, Mossery - A Refillable Diary: Say goodbye to throwing out your diaries. With Mossery, it's all about recycling the inner pages and embracing a fresh start. It's a game-changer!

2, A Journal - Print Positivity: Initially drawn in by the print, A Journal won me over with its monthly tick lists. A pop of dopamine colour and a nudge towards positive changes alongside weekly planning—what's not to love?

3, The Klasyk - Naturally Fantastic: The natural feel of The Klasyk stole my heart. Perfectly chosen ribbon colours complement the cover, and inside, there's a clean layout that's an absolute favourite.

4, The Goal Digger Bold - Life Changing: Despite the initial intimidation, The Goal Digger Bold is a hidden gem! Tried, tested, and absolutely amazing. If you're gearing up for a fresh start in the new year with a positive mindset and habits overhaul, this planner is your go-to. 

5, Weekly Planner Athens No.2 - Pocket Perfect: The Completist diaries always deliver to goods. This tiny diary is easy to carry around and the layout is free from clutter, so if you're a doodler like me then this is the dated canvas for you.

6, The Appointed Year Task Planner - Book cloth Excellence: The last planner in the mix, but definitely not the least. The Appointed Year Task Planner brings luxury to the table. The wire-o binding is something it's hard to go back from. You can neatly keep your page open on today's date whilst you work. It has a minimal style inside, refined to just space to plan, and a checklist for your weekly tasks.

I hope you like my selection. If you'd like to check out more of our planning tools, then dive into our diaries collection here. Don't get me started on the purpose journals. I feel a new list is imminent...

Thanks - Izzy 

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