The Best Diaries for 2024

The Best Diaries for 2024: A Papersmiths Planning Guide

Our roundup of the Best 2024 Diaries.

It can be sometimes challenging to keep in a state of flow throughout the year. Don't let your motivation crumble as your year unfolds. You can stay organised all year by finding the best diary that fits your style and needs. Once you discover your ideal planning formats, you'll see how everything will click into place. 

These 2024 diaries range from sleek minimalist daily formats to luxurious cloth covers with meticulously structured layouts. We've laid out all of the best planners. Each design is handpicked for its winning design, whether it's cult classic, handcrafted locally or created by talented artisans using science backed techniques inside their designs.

We've rounded the planners up by daily, weekly, and monthly formats to find your match. Whilst we browse their designs, we'll also delve into which one suits different personalities and needs to help you choose. 

Take a scroll, and look through the variety of designs we've explored below. Happy planning.

Weekly Diaries

Weekly Format Diaries

Discover our range of weekly diaries, ideal for those who prefer a comprehensive overview of their week, balancing detailed planning with a broader perspective.

Appointed - The 2024 Year Task Planner

The signature Appointed planner features a multi-view spread with a weekly overview and a full page for list-making & note-taking, laminated tabs for easy navigation, and is bound in a durable cotton book cloth. It's a sophisticated, stylish and American-made fabric bound diary. A go-to for professionals & designers as well as students & parents. 

Appointed - The 2024 Compact Task Planner

A smaller size of our best-selling Year Task Planner, the Compact Task Planner is designed with extra notes pages for the ideal notebook-planner hybrid. Featuring monthly and weekly layouts with coordinating tasks, plenty of lined pages, and a portable, throw-it-in-your-bag size, this planner is sure to become an indispensable tool for staying organized on the go. Ideal for students and creatives.

A-Journal - My Journal 2024 Diary

The My Journal diary was designed with a love for colour and has a clean layout. You can plan your year from the 25th of December 2023 until the 5th of January 2025. These journals are full of handy checklists and to-do’s to help plan meals, and reach your goals. It's perfect for students and young professionals.

MiGoals - The 2024 Goal Digger Diary

Daily format also available.

We're obsessed with this diaries goal tracking formats. It looks like a lot of tick boxes when you flick through, but as you start working through this diary you'll reap in the benefits of each of the weekly and monthly reviews. For those that want to achieve great things and hold themselves accountable. The Goal Digger is packed with prompts and trackers to ensure you're reporting back on your progress every week.

MiGoals - The 2024 Weekly Notes Diary

The Weekly Notes is a more compact sister to the Goal Digger, with some slightly different specs. This diary is split into three sections, you'll have space to write out your goals, plan out your week and budget your life with an extra bonus section for note-taking, doodling or brainstorming. This diary is set up beautifully for anyone that wants a more compact goal setting diary for kicking habits and working on their self growth.


MiGoals - The 2024 Weekly Spread Diary

The 2024 Weekly Spread planner is formatted into a double-page spread for each week. The week always starts with setting your focus and goal, writing what you’re grateful for, and how you want to feel. There's a little more room each day to write in this diary than the notes version, giving you the ability to use it more as a daily journal and recording your thoughts each day, or packing it with more plans if you're always on the go. It would suit someone that wants to focus more on the day to day planning than purely goal setting.


Mossery - The 2024 Refillable Diary

This diary can be refilled once it runs out, what a win for longevity. Simply remove the inner diary and replace it with a notebook, sketchbook or diary refill. This diary is suitable for day-to-day journaling and task-oriented users who prefer a spacious nature for both scheduling and creative expression. There's a large range of colours and prints to choose from too.

Papierniczeni - The Weekly Klasyk Diary

These are beautiful diaries with simple formats for those that love minimalistic layouts and design. The cardboard hard backing keeps your pages in safe place. Browse their muted colour options to match your aesthetic preference. There's space inside for notes and doodles, making them a great option for the designers amongst us.

Nahe - The Weekly Diary

A new weekly format from Hightide. This is a great diary for those that are always on the go. It's easy to carry around in a B5 size, and has a waterproof, protective cover. It can be thrown into any bag rain or shine and live to see each day.

The Completist - Weekly Diary

The Completist has always popular in our shops for its undated formats, but for those that like to be kept in check with dates, their dated weekly versions are a winner. With it's fun print and eco friendly manufacturing how can any creative resist?

Daily Diaries for 2024

Daily Format Diaries

Explore our collection of daily diaries. Daily formats are perfect for recording life's intricate details. Use them as a journal and make the most of each day's opportunities.

MiGoals - The 2024 Goal digger Daily Diary

Weekly format also available.

We're obsessed with this diary's tracking format. It may look like many tick boxes when you flick through, but as you start working through this diary, you'll reap the benefits of each weekly and monthly review. For those who want to achieve great things and hold themselves accountable. The Goal digger is packed with prompts and trackers to ensure you report your progress every week.

Papierniczeni - The Daily Calendar 2024

The Daily Calender is ideal for those who need more space for scheduling daily tasks, or wants to journal each day. This pocket-size planner will fit easily in your bag. The top half of the pages are ruled while the bottom half is plain. This smart design allows you to arrange your tasks into sections. For example, one for household and personal tasks or journalling, and the other for school or work tasks. 

2024 Olive Diary
2024 Daily Calendar

The Completist - Daily 2024 Planner

This daily planner is great for anyone who needs a strict layout to keep them in check. There's a day-per-page design for weekdays and a half-page for weekends, making it perfect for working professionals or students. There are tick boxes and a box for sketches and notes, so you can take it to meetings and lectures and keep track of your ideas.

Daily 2024 Planner
2024 Daily Planner

Monthly Diaries

Monthly Format Diaries

Our monthly diaries provide a comprehensive overview of plans and aspirations, balancing macro-level planning with meticulous detail. Whether you need a pocket-sized planner or desk planner to prop on your desk, these planners seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Nahe - 2024 Monthly Pocket Diary 

A new monthly format from Hightide. This is a great diary for those that are always on the go. It's easy to carry around due to it's teeny size, and has a waterproof, protective cover. It can be thrown into any bag rain or shine and live to see each day.

Gingham B5

Square pocket size 


We hope that our selection of the best diaries for 2024 has helped you narrow your planing selection down.

These are only our dated diaries, we also have undated diaries, gratitude trackers, self-care planners and more. If you enjoyed our picks of the best journals to buy for the year ahead, then continue to browse the complete collection and look at all the available colours and layouts here.

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