MiGoals Guide: Daily Goal Digger

MiGoals Guide: Daily Goal Digger 

The Goal Digger has gone daily! This one is a new release for 2022 and, now that we've seen it, we're seriously rethinking our diary choices. Read on for the vital info. If our Insta DMs are anything to go by, the variety of MiGoals options can be a little overwhelming. So we've spent the past few weeks getting our heads around the options, snapping photographs and creating this ever-so-handy guide to what's what when it comes to MiGoals.

In our definitive guides, we're taking you through the four inside formats: Goal DiggerWeekly SpreadWeekly Notes and, this year's new addition, the Daily Goal Digger. We hope this helps you find the best companion for your 2022.  Now let's explore the Goal Digger Daily.

Who is it for?

If you're someone who, like your writer, has several planning tools on the go at once, this could be the solution to consolidate it all. This design brings together granular, hour-by-hour, daily planning with bigger picture sections for your monthly and long-term projects. Not to mention habit trackers to make sure you drink those fluids and take your vitamins. 


Just like the original Goal Digger, it's B5 size which means it measures up at 16.5cm W x 23.5cm H x 2.2cm D. Translated into standard UK paper terms, it's a couple of centimetres bigger than an A5 sheet. 

The Cover

The cover is PU leather - aka faux. The cover comes in a classic design and has 'Goal Digger Planner 2022' debossed lengthways on the edge of the cover. It's small lettering and very subtle. 

The Colours

This is the first year of existence for the daily and is available in one colour only; a sleek matt black.

Below: Daily Goal Digger (black) stacked beneath the Classic. Check out the edging on those pages.

The Inside

The inside pages are 80gsm and fountain pen friendly. There are 488 pages altogether. The design of the diary section is a day per page. Each day includes a hour-by-hour agenda plus space for daily habits, morning routine, top priorities, wins, 'rate my day' and notes. 

It looks like this:

The Features

The Daily Goal Digger is about more than scheduling. You'll also find these features inside:

  • Day to page planner layout
  • Five short-term goal planning templates
  • Quarterly reviews
  • Progress tracker
  • Mi Lists pages
  • Blank and lined notes pages
  • Two divider ribbons

Below: close up on the daily agenda and rate my day.

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Head back to the full Guide or explore the Goal DiggerWeekly Notes and Weekly Spread styles. We hope it helps you find the best companion for your 2022.