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Top Sustainable Stationery Brands in 2023

What are the most sustainable stationery brands in 2023?

We've decided to take a closer look at some of the designs on the Papersmiths shelves. We believe in offering products that are locally produced, recycled, handmade, sustainably sourced, or designed with the environment in mind. That's why we've curated a list of eco-friendly notebooks, diaries, and planners from brands that share our commitment to sustainability.

Our selection of stylish and sustainable stationery designs features innovative techniques and alternative materials like stone and tree-free paper. With zero-waste and plastic-free packaging options, you can enjoy high-quality design with sustainability in mind.

Explore the best of the bunch in our eco-curated edit below:



Our debut Papersmiths notebooks are a top pick for sustainable stationery. Designed in Hackney and made by a family-run bindery in Buckinghamshire, these British-made notebooks combine top-quality production with eco-friendly materials. The inside paper is recycled, FSC-certified, and printed with vegetable-based ink, making them a great choice for those who want to support socially responsible and environmentally safe practices.

Shop the Papersmiths notebook collection here.

Morello Notebook

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Calypso Notebook

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These Karst designs are made from high-quality, 100% sustainably recycled stone! Their eco-friendly stone pages are acid-free, bright white, and waterproof, with a premium look and feel. Built to be better than wood-pulp paper: more durable, more sustainable, and even smoother!

Shop the Karst collection here.

Sister Paper Co.

The Sister Paper Co. home studio is powered by energy from a renewable source, and all the products are recyclable with compostable packaging.

All the paper stock is made from trees harvested responsibly from sustainable forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The greeting cards are wrapped in Nativia sleeves, a biodegradable clear film from bio-based origins made from renewable resources.

You can shop the complete Sister Paper Co. collection here.

Sustainable Birthday Card

Sun Moon & Stars Card

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Tarot Sun Birthday Card

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Birthday Card

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 The Completist

The Completist provides us with 'printastic' stationery, coming to you from South East London. All their paper goods are made from FSC-certified paper and come in biodegradable film bags. The rest of the packaging is made from FSC-certified cards or recycled paper, and 90% of the range is made in the UK using small, independent manufacturers. Most of their goods are printed using vegetable inks too!

You can go ahead and shop the full Completist collection here.


Ruled A5 Notebook

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A6 Notebook - Paris

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2023 Daily Planner

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Risotto is print and design specialist run by designer Gabriella Marcella. Risotto products are all handmade in Glasgow using recycled paper.

Shop the Risotto collection here.

Weekly Desk Pad

Weekly Desk Pad

Hit List Notepad

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Weekly Desk Pad Blue

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Weekly Desk Pad Yellow

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You can rely on this American-made brand for the finest quality, responsible sourcing, and products made to last. The book cloth on our Appointed notebooks is made from 100% cotton. They're also pH neutral and biodegradable.

Shop all Appointed products here.

“Appointed Workbook B6 notebook

B6 Notebook Green

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Workbook Linen

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B6 Notebook Lavender

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All Storigraphic products are determined equally by design and sustainable manufacturing. They purposely avoid complicating the production process, which can set parameters to the finishing and format of a product.

Everything is made in the UK and 100% plastic-free. Even the glue used for securing the belly bands is plant-based. 

Gift Wrap - Loom 1

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Gift Wrap - Balloon Dog

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Gift Wrap - Daisy Bloom

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Scribble & Daub

Each design starts as a pen and ink drawing, then letterpress printed in their traditional local workshop in Rye, and then individually hand-painted in the studio.

You can read our exclusive interview with the founder Caroline Kent for more information on the brand here.

Shop all Scribble & Daub products here.


Happy Birthday Helter Skelter Card

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Rose Card

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Once Upon a Tuesday

Founder Michele is on a mission to design calendars that look great, are a joy to use and produced sustainably. We think she's nailed it! The planet-friendly calendars are designed and printed on 100% FSC certified recycled paper, in Cornwall, UK .

You can shop the Once Upon a Tuesday collection here.

We are currently awaiting more products from this brand.


You can shop the full sustainable collection here, featuring brands recognised for their eco-friendly efforts. We think these are the best of the bunch.

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