Shop Gifts for Her, Him and Everyone  | Stationery Gift Guide

Shop Gifts for Her, Him and Everyone | Stationery Gift Guide

As we peeled up our calendars and revealed December, it only meant one thing. Gifting season has begun! If you're dipping in and out of browsing and gathering gift ideas then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve been looking at our best-selling gifts last year, combined with this year's trends to bring you the ultimate stash of goodies that you and your lucky gift recipients will love. We know people will be looking for gifts for her, him and everyone, and we have an abundance of stationery treats, tools, books and more that you would love but sometimes it’s hard to find exactly what you’re looking for in a sea of goodies.

Although all our stationery has been designed to tickle your senses with pleasing aesthetics and ingenious tools for organisation, we have separated some top picks to help you choose. Scroll down to each section and pick up the perfect gift for your favourite people.

Gifts for Her

If you're struggling to find the ideal gift for a woman, then browse through this edit for ideas. Whether she loves all things femme, pink and floral, or she's into block-coloured stationery and a good book, we have a vast collection of items. We also have a selection of gifts for animal lovers, thinkers, explorers and more to help you choose, so don't stop here. Scroll down and browse for the perfect gift.

Shop our full gifts for her edit here.

Stationery Gifts for her



2024 diary lilac
Notebook and Pen
Gift for her

Shop now | £28.00

Shop now | £14.50

Shop now | £55.00 


Shop now | £16.00


Shop now | £16.99


Shop now | £25.00 

Gifts for Him

This edit is one for those hard-to-buy-for guys. If you need to know where to start, you can't go wrong with a good-quality ballpoint and a matching notebook—looking for more ideas? Our range of books, card sets, pens and journals will have you on your way to gift success. There are more gifts to browse, so get stuck in.

Shop our full gifts for him edit here.

Stationery Gifts for Him


Spy Guide
Primo Pen
Shop now | £4.00

Shop now | £20.00

Shop now | £12.00

Black Pen

Self Knowledge Book

Bike Repair Book


Shop now | £40.00

Shop now | £10.00
Shop now | £10.00

Gifts for Kids and Parents

This collection isn't only for kids, but parents too. Browse the collection of stickers, felt pens, prompt cards, books and more. It's full of creative and positive surprises. These gift ideas will make one happy family.

Shop our full kids and parents gift edit here.

Stationery Gifts for Parents

Panda Clips

Positivity Diary

Positivity Planner

Shop now | £7.00

 Shop now | £20.00

Shop now | £20.00

Tape Dispenser

Shop now | £7.50

Shop now | £28.00

Shop now | £16.95


Gifts for Artists

Shop our artist gifts at Papersmiths. From plain page notebooks and sketchbooks to pencils and pens to create and books to inspire. Armed with a new sketchbook and artist pen, they can achieve anything. Give the gift of creativity this Christmas.

Shop the gifts for artists edit here.

Stationery Gifts for the artist


Self Love Art Book
Art Pens
Plain Page Notebook


 Shop now | £12.99


 Shop now | £3.20


 Shop now | £20.00

Art book
Artwing Pencil Set


Shop now | £30


Shop now | £14.99


Shop now | £30.00

Gifts for the Thinkers

Our collection of gifts for the philosophers amongst us. Those who like to ponder the meaning of life and how to make the experience more enjoyable. Including The School of Life journals, notebooks, books and card sets and The Do Book Co collection of books about pausing, reflecting and being more mindful. You'll also find card sets which make ideal gifts and stocking fillers.

Shop the gifts for explorers edit here.

Stationery self development gifts


A more Loving World Book
Collaboration Card Set


Shop now | £27.00


Shop now | £12.00

Shop now |  £20.00
Therapy Workbook
Mindfulness Book


Shop now | £15.00


Shop now £15.00


Shop now | £18.00 

Gifts for the Explorer

Browse our collection of gifts aimed at those that can't sit still. There are so many places to see and things to do in the world. We have curated an edit of travel guides and books to help them choose their next destination.

Shop the gifts for explorers edit here.

Gifts for people that like to travel


Escape London


£9.95 | Shop now


£4.00 | Shop now

Destination Pride


£10.00 | Shop now

Gifts for the Foodie

Some of us are always on the hunt for a new recipe or looking for the next best food spot in town. These books are the perfect gift for any foodie looking for a new palette to explore.

Shop the gifts for foodies edit here.

£10.95 | Shop now

Pasta Cookbook

£22.00 | Shop now

£25.00 | Shop now


Gifts for Animal Lovers

We all have an animal enthusiast in our midst. Gift an adorable felt animal decoration, a book on green spaces for them to take their four legged friend or bookmarks that'll brighten their day when they turn each page.

Shop the gifts for animal lovers edit here.

£9.00 | Shop now

Cat Tape Dispenser

£7.50 | Shop now

Dog Friendly London

£17.95 | Shop now


Gifts for Everyone

Our gift sets make the perfect gift for anyone looking to bring joy to their recipient. Stationery fanatics won't believe their luck when presented with our ultimate stationery stash.

Shop our gift sets or our full gift ideas edit for a mix of all our best gifts here.

Gift ideas

£35.00 | Shop now

£84.00 | Shop now

£66.00 | Shop now

Want to see more? Shop the gift ideas collection here.

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