The Papersmiths Gift Guide

The Papersmiths Gift Guide

Welcome to our festive stationery gift guide for 2021. It’s been such fun putting this one together because there have been so many new additions to our shelves this year. From luxe suggestions that'll add decadence to their desktop, to the essential combos that will kick off their next creative project, there are gift ideas here for everyone who appreciates paper and pen. We can't wait to share it all with you.


1) A gift-worthy notebook with all the trimmings

A practical tool for some and a necessity for many. The everyday notebook needs to be hardy and somewhat simple in design because it gets battered and used until it's dog eared.  At other times, there's a place for a special treat. For a level of detail, finish and design that draws you in. For tactility so satisfying that you can't help but stop and smell the roses.  A sacred space to record thoughts, ideas or memories. There's nothing basic about these beauties. Team with a pen and clip to complete the gift.

Above: B6 Notebook by Appointed, Pen Holder Clip, Limited Edition 849 Ballpoint Pen by Caran d'Ache.


Above: Clissold Notebook by Papersmiths, Pen Holder Clip by Rama, Everyday Pen by Papersmiths.

2) A luxe correspondence set

What could be better than a set of exquisite notecards or writing paper? Combine with a pen for the whole package.

Above: Botanical Stamp Set by Scout Editions, Pencil Correspondence Card Set by Meticulous Ink, Fountain Pen by Kaweco.

Above: Sun and Moon Stamp Set by Scout Editions, 849 Fountain Pen by Caran d'Ache, Writing Paper Pads by Le Typographe. 

Above: Merci Card Set by Yes Paper Goods, Fountain Pen by Kaweco, Everyday Pen by Papersmiths, Botanical Stamp Set by Scout Editions, Mini Banana Pad by Le Typographe. 

3) An important Christmas message

We’re on a mission to spread the word about how to spell our kind of stationery correctly. Dyed in olive green with duo-tone handles in green and biscuit pink, our tote bag is a guaranteed gifting winner for the grammar and spelling advocate. 

Above: Always Stationery Tote Bag by Papersmiths. Also available as part of our Tote Trio gift set.


4) A coveted dated diary

What's at the top of every stationery aficionado's Christmas wishlist? A new dated diary, of course. Check out our guide where we suggest our favourites for various purposes or head straight over to the diary shop.

Above: Geometric Diary by Mark's


5) A place for their keepsakes

These linen finished albums and boxes are ideal for protecting treasures. The Great Art album is the perfect place to cherish creations drawn by their little one which are too good for the fridge door. 

Above: Great Art Album, Small Things Box, Life in Pictures Photo Album, all by Printworks.


6) The essential kit

Kickstart their creative pursuits with a notebook, pen and notebook band. This classic trio has become the most popular gift purchase in our shops, so much so that we've made it into a proper gift set.

Above: The Notebook, Pen and Band Trio by Papersmiths

7) A bundle of blocks


Some moments call for structure and boundaries, others require unrestrained freedom. The Block Bundle will set them up for all their daily planning needs. The bundle contains four gummed, tear-off pads - each one fit for a different purpose.

Above: The Block Bundle by Papersmiths


8) A pencil case full of goodies


Picture this. It's Christmas morning and they open up their present only to find there's another present inside it. Winner! Fill a pouch with pens and refills, slide a notebook into a tote bag or clip a pencil to the side of a sketchbook. Get creative and match a combination just for them.

Above: Pencil cases and book bags by Hightide, Papersmiths and Undercover.

9) A fancy pen

Catchy nibs, leaky barrels? No, thank you. At Papersmiths, only writing instruments which win top marks for both form and function will make the cut. Our tried-and-tested collection of pens that write like a dream are created by the most respected folks in the industry. We have cult classics from Kaweco of Germany and Caran d'Ache of Switzerland sitting alongside snazzy new contemporary designs from the likes of Before Breakfast, London.

Then, there's our Everyday Pen which we released earlier this year - to much customer acclaim. It's a refillable hybrid that brings together smooth flowing ink, like that found in a fountain or rollerball, with the ease of use found with a ballpoint. Made with our pen experts in Japan who have over 100 years of pen making experience under their belts.

Above, clockwise from bottom left: 849 Limited Edition Ballpoint Pen in Wonder Forest Green and 849 Fountain Pen in White by Caran d'Ache, Everyday Pen in Electric Blue and Rose by Papersmiths, Collection Fountain Pen in Olive by Kaweco, Onigiri Rollerball Pen in Gunmetal Grey by Before Breakfast, Aluminium Sport Fountain Pen in silver by Kaweco, Collection Fountain Pen in Light Lavender by Kaweco, Everyday Pen in Olive, Pumpkin and Purple Haze.

10) A good read

Our bookshelves are full to the brim with new titles. We've got books about design, creativity, self-development, film, magic, food and drink, travel, astrology, the great outdoors and more. Check them out here or come and see the full collection in person. Our squishy sofa in King's Cross and the reading bench in Brighton await you.

Above: Everyday Magic, Love Spells and Mama Moon's Book of Magic by Semra Haksever, and Wish Craft by Shauna Cummins. All available in store. Alternatively, browse the online bookshelves here.

11) The ultimate stationery gift

The show stopper of our gift sets includes a Papersmiths notebook, three of our Everyday Pens, a notebook band, The Creative Block, a tote bag and a set of refills. This gift will create an unforgettable unwrapping experience, but the enjoyment of this set will last far beyond Christmas morning.

Above: The Ultimate Stationery Stash by Papersmiths. Check out our other gift sets here.

 Shop more gift ideas here and our beautifully boxed gift sets here.

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