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Gift Ideas for Cool Creatives

Looking for the perfect gift for your creative friends and family?

We’re all an artist in one way or another. Our team at Papersmiths consisted of painters, calligraphers, illustrators, graphic designers and writers, so we know what’s good when it comes to gifting the artsy people if your life. Most of the below collection is already on our must have lists or has already made it home with us.

The below curated collection of gifts for creatives caters to the diverse tastes and needs of creatives like ourselves. Each item in this assortment is not just visually appealing but also boasts top-notch quality in design and craftsmanship, chosen for its unique story of development and production.

Dive into our creative gift guide and discover the ideal present for your artsy friends and family.

Gifts for the Artist: Spark Creativity with Artistic Delights

Encourage their creativity with our selection of gifts for artists. Equipped with a blank page and some top-quality artist's pen, the sky is their limit. Give the gift of inspiration with our uniquely crafts sketchbooks, art pens and creative gifts at Papersmiths. Discover the joy of igniting their new ideas and nurturing artistic expression with these selected gift ideas or shop all artist gifts here.

Le Pen Art Pen - Set of 12 - £40 - Shop now

Set of Art Pens

There are 12 popular colours in our Le Pen to make the perfect bulk buy. Le Pen is an art pen with a micro-fine 0.3mm point, allowing for precise accuracy. The ink is acid-free and non-toxic. Le Pen is designed for optimal performance and reduced smudging, making it a perfect choice for art and writing projects. Marvy was developed in 1973.

Keith Haring Colour Set - £32.00 - Shop now

Colour Pencil Set

This carefully curated special edition collection, in collaboration with Keith Haring, includes ten water-soluble colouring pencils and one black Fibralo Brush Tip Pen, all packaged in a red metal tin. Any artist with a love to draw in colour will enjoy mimicking the vibrant pop art style of Haring’s work with this set.

Refillable Wirebound Mixed Media Sketchbook - £35.00 - Shop now

Refillable sketchbook

Organise passion projects, sketches and artworks effortlessly with this refillable sketchbook. It comes with mixed media paper inside, accommodating dry and wet mediums. No matter the medium of choice, this sketchbook is a reliable repository for their daily artwork. The best part? When the pages are filled, they can be refilled, allowing them to replace the inner pages and continue their creative journey. Mossery, a renowned brand, manufactures its sketchbook paper in Italy.

Trunk Shaped Toolbox - £45.00 - Shop now

Art Storage Box

Introducing this durable and functional toolbox. This modern storage box can be used for paint brushes, pencils and pens on their desk, but it's also a trendy addition to your home. They're also stackable, so you can create an ordered collection of your tools at your desk. Available in s blue speckled print. 

Gradient Sketchbook - £10.00 - Shop now

Printed Sketchbook

Introducing the gradient A5 sketchbook. It features a   soft covered abstract digital style print, and a contrasting coloured inside cover. This A5 size book is made by a family run music book maker right here in the U.K., and the inside sheets are made from music sheet paper. The soft cover is a luxurious, textured 250gsm G.F. Smith card. It has 100 pages providing the perfect canvas for various artistic pursuits such as sketching and painting.

Notebook Trio / Plain - Brights - £66.00 - Shop now

notebook set

Opt for a set of three Papersmiths notebooks in plain paper for infinite space to sketch their designs. If you haven't already read about our paperback Papersmiths notebooks, they're designed by our founder, locally sourced and British-made and they're our best sellers with creatives coming back for a new one every time they run out of pages. We couldn't recommend these as a gift enough!

Primo Notebook, Pen and Band Trio - Primo Gel Pen - £48.00 - Shop now

premium stationery gift set

A high-quality, plain paper notebook, a refillable gel pen and a notebook band to hold their art pens and pages together.

This is the ultimate gift set for a creative doodler. With a refillable gel pen, their creations are limitless. The smooth ink flows effortlessly for on-the-go sketches, and the paper in this notebook will ensure their designs don’t show through on the next page. Keeping it all together with a notebook band means their creations and materials all stay in one place, making it easier to draw on the go. All products included in this gift set are of the highest quality. The Primo Pen is produced in Japan by a pen manufacturer with over 70 years of experience under their belts, and the notebook bands are hand-sewn with local materials in the Czech Republic by Papelote. 


Gifts for the Writer

Elevate Words with our gifts for wordsmiths

Indulge the writers in your life with our range of stationery gifts. Explore our collections of exclusive British-made notebooks that yearn to preserve every fleeting thought. Paired with designer pens that glide effortlessly across the paper. Our collection is tailor-made for those who find solace and passion in writing. Whether it's a sophisticated leather-bound diary, a sleek, innovative pen, or literary-themed decorations for inspiration, our gifts embody the essence of the written word, unlocking creativity for every devoted wordsmith.

Mesh Pouch Pencil Case in Green & Yellow - £6.50 - Shop now

We love thes mesh pouches to keep all your pens and pencils secured and in sight. This case doubles up as storage for anything you wish to use it for. One to help anyone stay organised with style.  Designed and produced by Parisian brand Papier Tigre.

Silver Pen Clip - £4.95 - Shop now

Clip to your notebook to hold your pen in place.

Pen Clip

This is a great little pen holder to keep your favourite pen secured to your notebook. The contemporary colours and design, pair perfectly with all our notebooks. It’s an ideal gift to create a notebook, pen and clip set for anyone to bring their writing tools around with them when they’re on the go. Designed and produced by Parisian brand Papier Tigre.

Four Functions Pen - £20.00 - Shop now

Multi Function Pen

A stylish pen with four functions - a lead mechanical pencil and a Ballpoint pen with black, blue and red ink. The new silk-touch low-viscosity ink used in the Ballpoint pen prevents the pen from gliding too fast, ensuring excellent writability. This pen was designed especially for editors who use writing tools in a variety of ways, such as making revisions and notes on manuscripts and taking down memos. Designed and made in Japan, specialists in ballpoint pens. Refills available here.

Everyday Pen Set of Three -  £35.00 - Shop now

Three pens and three refills. Presented in a gift-ready pouch

Set of Three Pens

Our Everyday Pen is a hybrid that combines smooth-flowing ink, like that found in a fountain or rollerball, with the ease of use found with a ballpoint. A needle-like 0.5mm tip creates an ultra-fine writing line. The pen body is made from a natural cedar wood casing so it feels as lightweight as a pencil. It's coated in one of six vibrant colours and finished with subtle gold accents. Writers have been stocking up and using these pens as their number-one go-to since we launched them. They’re a popular choice for anyone who loves to take notes by hand. Designed in London by Papersmiths and made in Japan by a manufacturer that’s been producing pens for over 70 years.

Primo Pen Set of Six -  £105.00 - Shop now

Six Pens and six refills in either ballpoint or gel. Presented in a gift ready pouch.

Set of six pens

The full Primo Pen stash includes six pens with ballpoint ink and six refills to keep your ink flowing. This set arrives gift-ready in a luxury pouch. The Primo pen is of the best quality by name and nature. These new pens are produced in the same factory as our trusty Everyday Pen. We're confident any writer will love it just the same. The makers are experts with 70 years of pen-making under their belts. They're created by combining the factories' best-selling pen qualities to create this pen, with the addition of mix-and-match refills in gel or ballpoint. The aluminium body is light and comfortable to hold for an unmatched writing experience. Designed in London by Papersmiths and made in Japan by a manufacturer that’s been producing pens for over 70 years.

The Notebook and Pen Duo Gift Set - £34 - Shop now

The Everyday Pen and a Papersmiths notebook. Presented in a luxury embossed gift box and secured with a ribbon.

Notebook and Pen Gift Set

Our gift sets are created to celebrate design and colour, please the aesthete and induce instant excitement upon opening. This notebook and pen duo combines our British-made notebook and trusty Everyday Pen. The numbered pages allow easy navigation so your recipient can easily locate their notes and ideas. The page numbers gradually change colour as you move through the notebook, taking you through the spectrum, a pleasing addition for any creative. The binding allows the notebook to open freely and lay flat for easy writing. These sets are available with your choice of dot grid, ruled or blank inside pages and in an array of colour choices. Our debut Papersmiths notebook collection is designed by us in London and made by a family-run bindery in Buckinghamshire.  


Surprise your loved ones with the above handpicked favourites and spark their next imaginative journey. With these thoughtful gifts, you're not just offering presents; but also nurturing their passion for art and writing, one exceptional gift at a time.

For more options similar to the above, head to our gift for writers collection here or gifts for the artist collection here. Time to get your hands on the perfect gift for every creative soul in your life! If you'd like to browse our other collections take a look at my previous blog here, rounding up our best gifts from all of our categories. I will you well on your gift hunting!

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