Confessions of a Stationery Addict — Jeri Choi

Confessions of a Stationery Addict — Jeri Choi

Appointed stationery is elegant and understated, making for classic desktop tools that are both practical and utterly sophisticated. At the helm of Appointed is Jeri Choi who, as Director of partnerships, oversees and upkeeps the invaluable relationships with their retailers. With this role comes a wealth of insider knowledge, so we were all ears when Jeri told us about her love of paper, Appointed’s signature notebook, and how she uses stationery to organise her day.


When did your love of stationery begin? Do you have fond childhood memories of pencils and paper?

I’ve loved stationery for as long as I can remember. When I was little, my childhood best friend moved to a different state and we kept in touch by writing letters to each other. I remember saving up my allowance and doing extra chores just to buy pretty paper and pens. Now that we are older, we can’t wait until our daughters start writing so that they can write letters to each other!

How do stationery and paper play a part in your work and creative process? What are your go-to instruments for creating?

I’m so grateful to be working with products that I absolutely love! Our office space as well as our amazing team is an inspiration to me. I oversee the wholesale and partnership Appointed program and we’re so fortunate to have so many wonderful retailers around the world and it’s inspiring to work with the people behind each beautiful retail shop.

In my work process, everything is written down on paper first. Seeing my to do list and ideas written out on paper helps me prioritise tasks and organise my thoughts. I also find so much satisfaction in crossing out tasks when it’s completed!

I love starting the day with a fresh blank page in my Appointed notebook and writing with my Delfonics pen. Along with my notebook, I often use the Appointed grid adhesive notes and brass ruler.

Do you have any favourite pieces of stationery? Any new purchases you’re getting a lot of use out of lately, or classics that you keep going back to?

My very favourite piece of stationery is the Appointed notebook. It’s classic, beautiful and functional.

Because I carry it everywhere, my daughter draws and practices writing her name on the blank backside of the pages. I especially love flipping back through the pages after a long week or when the notebook is finished to see all that was accomplished and her little doodles make it so much more special.  

Can you share your top stationery shopping spots with us?

Recently I got to visit one of our retailers, Goods For The Study in New York, and immediately fell in love. I’ve long been a fan of Papersmiths and would love to visit one day!

Paper is most satisfying in the form of…

Paper is most satisfying in the form of a new, fresh notebook. I love the feeling of starting new— all the possibilities and new ideas to fill up the pages!  

If you could have a rummage in anybody’s pencil case whose would it be?

I’ve always admired the work of Kyle Steed and would love to take a peek into his pencil case. I enjoy seeing updates of his art and reading his posts on his social media platform. I’m always so encouraged by his thoughts on work, family, and life.

What’s been your biggest stationery indulgence?

I’ve always been collecting paper and stationery— but a beautiful notebook gets me every time!  

Thank you Jeri!

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