Appointed x Papersmiths 2023

Appointed x Papersmiths 2023

A duo worth waiting for. Our founder Sidonie has worked on another exciting collaboration for 2023. The Appointed notebook and Year Task Planner have been dipped in golden hues and stamped with a subtle Papersmiths foiling. Just looking at these hues makes us feel cosy from head to toe.


The Year Task Planner

 First up The Year Task Planner.

If you know, you know. If you don't, then you're seriously missing out. They're minimalist and practical. The pages have just the right detail to guide you without busying the pages and taking up valuable writing room.
One of our favourite things is the perfectly ordered tick boxes. How can you not resist completing the task so you can tick it off with one of our Everyday Pens?
Satisfaction all around.
The Year Task Planner

Biodegradable Diary

Now to The Notebook.

Similar to the Year Task Planner, this notebook is made with a biodegradable book cloth cover. The rust colourway oozes luxury. You can choose from ruled or grid pages made from chlorine and acid-free paper.  

You can shop the complete Appointed collection here.

biodegradable notebook
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