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The week's Mag of the Moment is Openhouse, a biannual publication from Andrew Trotter and Mari Luz Vidal.

If you're a fan of The Selby or Spaces from the good people at Frankie, then Openhouse is for you. We love nothing more than peering into other people's homes, so when we heard about Openhouse we could hardly believe our good fortune. The magazine showcases creative people who have opened their private spaces up to the public. So rather than just giving the reader a quick glimpse, we can actually go and visit their homes, studios and kitchens. 

To top it off, the interviewees share some of their top tips for places to visit in their area as well as beloved recipes.

In this issue we're taken to New York, Spain, and Finland and Coloni, a Swedish gardening house, discusses how they have created a floating garden in the middle of an urban space. 


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