This week our Mag of the Moment is LOVE, a bi-annual British style magazine founded in 2009 by stylist and fashion journalist Katie Grand, who remains editor-in chief. It's full of page after page of glossy fashion portraiture, talent and interviews from the best writers around. This issue features 'The Talents', an extensive round up of the most influential and groundbreaking names in fashion, media, music, modelling and photography from Cher and Florence Welch to Kate Moss and Poppy Delevigne. 
As the editor rightly says "Talent can afford the luxury of being bare-faced. If you have the skill, then you have the confidence to be transparent", and so it is, with this issue we embrace the authenticity and honesty of fashion and the individuals shaping the industry. The Talents features seven different front covers depicting striking photography of Kate Moss, Poppy Delevigne, Florence Welch, Alicia Vikander, Gisele, C-3PO and Cher.


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