Angela Tomasoni, Founder of Write Sketch &

Angela Tomasoni, Founder of Write Sketch &

The Write Sketch & aesthetic speaks to the very core of our being. Bold colour, kaleidoscopic patterns and precise execution come together to create an aesthetic that gets the nod of approval from designers the world over.

Here’s Angela Tomasoni, Founder of Write Sketch & on how she got here…

Hi Angela, thanks for talking to us! Talk us through the key milestones in your journey to date? How did you get here?

[ANGELA] About 12 years ago I founded a branding and art direction agency with Matteo Carruba. After having worked for years as consultants, we decided it was time to start our own project where we could express our creativity more freely.

It took us a couple of years to understand what to do, then, in 2015, our passion for fashion and design, which we experience on a daily basis in Milan and our understanding of paper and printing processes led us to the creation of the first production of notebooks (only four different models at the time).

Our idea was to propose fun stationery items, somewhat eccentric, full of colours and patterns in clear contrast with the majority of products on the market. The first collection was a real tribute to the Memphis Group and to our town, Milan (having both conducted our studies at the Politecnico di Milano University, both Matteo and myself were spontaneously influenced by Italian Design and its Masters).

We always carried some samples to leave in shops or to show buyers. At the same time our colourful Instagram profile did not go unnoticed and things started growing rather quickly...


We’ve got three words for you: You are unique. Originality is at the heart of what you do. What are the key requirements in ensuring you’re creating original work?  

[ANGELA] I believe originality is fostered by experience and curiosity. An original work always has something that arises from the past and something that looks towards the future. I am always looking for experiences, not necessarily surprising ones; sometimes they are simple things, such as stroll with my nose in the air or a ride through the streets of Milan on a tram… curiosity as well as diversity allow me to look beyond and draw from worlds which are not necessarily my own. 

What does a successful commercial enterprise look like to you?

[ANGELA] I find Papersmiths a very good example of this scenario ;) Sidonie started her venture because she had a real love for stationery and managed, over time, to turn her passion into a successful commercial enterprise.

Anything is possible. Share five goals you’d love to have achieved in the next five years.


  • Travelling
  • Being able to do more design and less business
  • Travelling
  • Opening a gorgeous stationery shop in Milan
  • Travelling

In twenty years from now you walk into the party celebrating a landmark business moment. What does the celebration look like?

[ANGELA] I don’t know, the first thing that comes to mind is that in 20 years I will be 60… I’ve never been the one for great celebrations, but if I am forced to dream then I would say: ...A great event in a beautiful Milanese house with a beautiful garden...Villa Necchi Campiglio comes to mind, a great example of Milanese architecture designed by Arch. Piero Portaluppi. You might remember it as the set for the film I am love, by Italian director Luca Guadagnino, starring Tilda Swinton.

Will you share another inspiring female creator with us?

[ANGELA] I truly love the work of Italian designer, Ilaria Innocenti, Founder of the brand Ilaria.i. She designs small plates and household objects, combining various artisanal techniques, hand drawings and textures. I love the poetry of these objects and the affinity I feel towards the designer.

Thank you!

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