Valentine's Gifts & Present Ideas 2023 | Stationery Love

Valentine's Gifts & Present Ideas 2023 | Stationery Love

Love is a wonderful thing, it can give meaning to your everyday. Whether it's friends or a partner you adore, it's always worth celebrating those meaningful connections. Valentines, Galentines or Palentines, whatever you what to call it - What do you buy when you're both not into glittered roses and beady-eyed teddy bears?

Scrap the generic love day gifts and show your appreciation with gestures that matter to them. The language of love has inspired our selection of unique gift ideas for valentines day. Whether their love language is gifts and food, acts of service, Words of affirmation, or quality time, we have you covered.

From heartfelt cards and personalized keepsakes, to romantic meals and heartfelt gestures, there are great Valentines day gifts for all types of relationships. Whether you're looking for something classic and timeless, something modern and unique, or something to captures the special moments you have shared together, our eclectic range of stationery and gift ideas has something for everyone.

Valentines Gift Ideas

1) Stationery Gift Sets

Notable gift for words of affirmation.

For some, written and spoken words, are an affection that matter the most. With this in mind, these are some of our most thoughtful stationery gift sets and writing sets to pair with loving cards for valentine's day 2023.

a. Notebooks: Notebook and pen gift sets

Allow space for their own creativity by gifting them a notebook.

A Notebook, notebook band and pen set is a fault-proof gift. There are so many ways you can use a notebook in a meaningful way. Whether your recipient has a desk job, likes to draw or just likes to dabble in writing out their thoughts and doodles. A notebook and pen always makes a great gift. Even better that you can pick out all of their favourite colours and mix and match, to personalise the set for them. 

Extra gestures: 

1. You could start an album of your romance by filling a notebook full of messages of love and memories with photographs. (If you have time!)

2. Write a short poem or note to them inside the front cover. Or, if you’re feeling creative, you could always paint or draw their name onto the paper front. 

Green Notebook Gift Set
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Stationery gift set

Pink notebook and pen gift set
Orange Notebook and Pen Set
Pink notebook and pen
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Stationery Gift Sets

b. Notepads: Notepad and pen sets

A thoughtful gift would be one of our notepads, use the first page to write a romantic poem for your partner. Pair a notepad with a pen and card for a gift that allows them to get their words on paper.

Cat Notepad
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Notepads for gifts

2) Gifts for planning quality time

Plan a trip together in the UK, to the pub or even abroad with our travel guides

The quality time love language is all about giving your undivided attention to that one special person. If you both love to get out and experience new things together, then these books are a thoughtful gift. You could even get some sticky notes and place them on the pages for the destinations you'd love to go together first.

Green Space in London
The Kent Coast
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Valentines Travel Gift Sets

3) Valentines gifts for the zodiac lovers

Are your signs compatible? 

According to our 'research' each zodiac sign has its own love language, but our astrology book offering will certainly go down will with any zodiac lover. Perhaps your partner loves their pet and wants to study their sign. They may want to read a little deeper into their own. Paired with a cute note and a fun card, the stars will definitely align with these gifts.

Cat Astrology
Astro birthdays
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 Valentines Gift Ideas 2023

 Stationery Gift Sets

4) Valentines gifts for foodies

Food binds people together

Food is often discussed as a love language in itself. For a lot of people, good food contains a direct ticket to their heart. Food can also correlate to the two love languages of “receiving gifts” and “acts of service”. Whether you cook together or use the books to make them a treat, our cookbooks and dining destination books will be a treat to any food lovers. Yum, yum!

London Pubs
Comfort food cook book
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 Cooking Gifts for Valentines

Now for the cards. The essential ingredient to a valentines gesture. Digital cards just won't cut it, there's nothing like a personal hand written note in a card with a cute creative on the front.

5) Fancy fountain pens

Special pens for those that love fancy gifts

If you want to impress a stationery fan, then a fancy pen always does the trick. These pens are timeless and last a lifetime. A nod to your relationships longevity. 

Special Pens for Gifts

Fancy Silver Fountain Pen
Lilac Fountain Pen
Beige Fountain Pen
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6) Fun valentines gifts for creatives

Allow them to flourish through self love and creativity

For the artists among us. An illustrator or painter is never short on pens and sketch book paper. Our Le Pen collection of artist pens is our best seller, going to some of the best graphic designers and illustrators that walk into our stores. If you're looking for something to entertain and develop artist skills - Sketch appeal is designed to help you explore your creativity through that art of self love. 

Gifts For Artists

Sketch Appeal
Art Pen
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Valentines Cards

Valentines Cards

Browse our Valentines card collections:

1) Funny Valentines cards

if a funny little animal, a eye rolling pun or some cheeky words will make them giggle and grin then these funny valentines cards are your best choice. 

Funny Valentines Cards

Valentines Card
Shitzu Valentines Card
Otter Valentines Card
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2) Galentines Cards

These cute and funny cards make a fun gesture of appreciation towards your bestie. Make them smile and remind them that you are there to support them if they have been through a breakup. Sometimes it's just an excuse to show your love for them as a friend.

Galentines Day

Dream Boat Card
Galentines Day Card
Mega Babe
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3) Cute Valentines Cards

Sometimes you just want to cut the point. This person makes you feel out of this world and you want to put it into words. These cute cards say it how it is in the most romantic ways.

Cute Valentines Cards


Valentines Card
You complete me Valentines Card
Happy Valentines Day
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You can browse all of our valentines cards here. Share the love. 

Still not sure what to pick? Browse our gift ideas collection for more.


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