The Book Lovers Day Library

The Book Lovers Day Library

Bibliophiles assemble. It was Book Lovers Day on Tuesday 9th August, and we celebrated the long-standing medium of literature. Although 'book loving' is every day for us, it was a definite incentive to pick one up and learn something new. We've organised some of our best picks into easy-to-browse categories for you. Join in the fun!

Self development

Calm your mind and explore new ways to cultivate good habits. Learn more about yourself with these fantastic self improvement guides.

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How To Be Yourself

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Do Breathe

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Astrology lovers unite! Get to know how the stars influence you and your pet with these easy-to-read, colourful and entertaining zodiac books. 

Work life

Cultivate the perfect work-life balance, or excel in your tasks with these compact yet detailed guides. Do Book Co’s creations are fantastically written and easy to follow, packed with tips from experts in their fields.


Whether you're 'lucky in love', going through a breakup or want to gain a fuller understanding of relationships. From arguments to sex, forgiveness to communication, these books will guide you through the highs and lows that love brings.

Exploring nature

In a world full of smartphones, it's essential to get some time in with nature. Perhaps you want to find some beautiful green spaces nearby. You could take it a step further and explore a new hobby in foraging. These two hidden gems will guide you into mother nature's arms!


Are you looking for a new creative pursuit? Or want to brush up on your design skills? Do Book Co provides again with their expert guides. We are also loving Sketch Appeal if you want some artsy play time mixed with self-love guidance.

Things to do in London 

Hoxton Mini Press provides the best tips on what to do in London with their excellent opinionated guides. Time to venture from your local stomping ground and discover your new favourite hangouts.

Kids books

We all remember our favourite childhood books. The memories of colourful illustrations and cheerful stories are ingrained in our minds forever. These books are illustrated and written beautifully, making them a joy to share with your kin. 

Books bags

Carry all your books around in one of our trusty totes. They have a handy side pocket to stash your pens too!

We have a complete collection of even more books on our shelves. Make sure you visit us and flick through options you won't want to put down. If you can't pop into our stores, you can browse plenty of books online here.

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