Summer Holiday Stationery Must-Haves

Summer Holiday Stationery Must-Haves

Holiday stationery? Sorted. Explore our list of must-have essentials for your summer trip away.

As we're looking to book our next sunny escape, we’ve also been exploring which stationery items to bring along. This year we are saying yes to organised, easy-to-find stationery. Below, we'll explore some must-have items that will top-tier your vacation experience. Get ready to discover the perfect companions for your holiday escape.

Versatile and stylish mesh pouches for traveling

Keep not only your stationery but also your travel essentials organised. Introducing trendy and functional mesh pouches. Available in small, medium and large sizes in multiple colours. These travel-friendly cases are perfect for holidays. They’re lightweight and durable, providing easy access to all your essential tools wherever your adventures take you.

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Preserve your memories with stylish journals and notebooks

There's no relaxing escape without some mindful moments. Just you and your notebook. Capture and journal your holiday in our stylish and travel-friendly notebooks. Whether you're lounging by the pool or sipping a fruity drink at a beachside cafe. Let your pen dance across the pages, and watch your memories come to life.

Journeys Journal

This linen-bound notebook was designed to accommodate ideas, aspirations and worries in the therapeutic activity of your thoughts. Document your travel stories and treasure precious moments on the 192 pages of dot grid, 100 gsm Munken paper. Its sturdy linen hardcover and portable size make the Journeys Journal the perfect notebook for any adventure.

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Papersmiths notebooks

Capture the essence of your holiday experiences in the Papersmiths notebooks. Available in plain, dot grid, and ruled pages, they're versatile for documenting every detail of your travels. Let your imagination flow freely as you fill the 235, A6 pages with memories, sketches, and reflections, collecting memories of your unforgettable journey. 

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Teal Paper Notebook
Blue Striped Nautical Notebook

Beach reading

Immerse yourself in new books on a hot summer day. Find a cosy spot on the sand, and soak into some wisdom. 

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Self Knowledge

This new essay book takes us on a journey into our deepest, most elusive selves and arms us with tools to understand our characters properly. We come away with a newly clarified sense of who we are, what we need to watch out for when making decisions, and our priorities and potential.

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How to Be yourself

Infuse your travels with a refreshing fragrance

Viagem Air Freshener - A Scented Souvenir

Add a delightful touch to your travel with the Viagem Air Freshener. This scented travel essential keeps your luggage smelling fresh and inviting. Embrace the lingering scent of your summer holidays. Let this paper air freshener transport you back to cherished memories every time you open your suitcase, even after your return.

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Embrace vibrant writing with vibrant refillable pens

Everyday Pens

Bring a burst of vibrant colours to your summer stationery collection with Papersmiths' Everyday Pen collection. These eye-catching pens look great in the sun, adding a touch of style to your writing experience. With their replaceable refills, you only need one pen for your entire holiday, eliminating the worry of running out of ink. They're small too, making them a delight to hold, light to carry and easy to find.

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Everyday Pens in the sun Aqua Blue Pen

Caran D’Ache

On a sunny day, these writing tools bring immense joy. Discovering a perfect cafe spot becomes a delightful experience, providing an ideal setting to sit down and write. Ensure you're always ready for inspiration by carrying your A5 Papersmiths notebook and favourite Caran D'Ache pen at all times. Capture your adventures under the warm sun. The Caran D'Ache ballpoint pen boasts smooth flowing ink that lasts for up to 8000 meters, equivalent to 600 sheets of A4 paper. It's designed to accompany you throughout your entire journey, ready to document every moment.

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Keep your memories together with notebook bands and clips

Securing your precious mementoes

Collecting treasured keepsakes on your holiday? Papersmiths' notebook bands are here to keep everything together. Whether it's gallery tickets, polaroid photos, or postcards, these bands provide a practical and stylish solution for organising and securing your memories. Wrap them around your notebooks and keep all your sentimental souvenirs in one place, making it easier to relive those special moments long after your vacation ends.

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Pen Holder Clip

This dazzling pen clip attaches to the side of your notebook or diary. Slide your pen or pencil through the springy loop, and voilà; instant pen pizzazz. Sparkling in the sun and ensuring you don't leave any of your favourite pens rolling around underneath your hotel bed.

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Gold Pen Clip

Books bags

Carry your books and stationery essentials in one of our trusty totes. They have a handy side pocket to stash the items you want to protect from your sandy towel too!


Embrace the joy of documenting your adventures, capturing memories, and infusing your creative spirit into every page.

You can shop our Papersmiths collection for your favourite stationery essentials here.

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