A tour of Papersmiths Chelsea, Pavillion Road

A tour of Papersmiths Chelsea, Pavillion Road

 Celebrating five fantastic years in the heart of Chelsea, this shop has been a go-to for all things stationery for locals and tourists since 2018. Nestled in the charming Pavilion Road, our shop has been the secret treasure trove for design enthusiasts and stationery aficionados alike.

Pavilion Road is a street in Chelsea that runs parallel to Sloane Street, just off Kings road. Pavillion Road in Chelsea is one of London’s longest mews, and full of shops.

At the southern end of Pavilion Road, you'll find a charming pedestrianised area, perfect for enjoying outdoor dining. This delightful street is now a hub for independent artisans (including ourselves!), boasting a total transformation from its previous life as Victorian stable blocks.

With five restaurants and various cafes, Pavilion Road has evolved into a picturesque haven that caters to the desires of Chelsea residents, fulfilling their requests for local amenities and creating a true "village hub."

As you step inside Papersmiths, and you're greeted by a stylish fusion of form and function. Our carefully designed interior sets the stage for a delightful array of stationery and paper goods. Whether you're in the mood for elegant journals, unique writing instruments, curated art prints, or charming greeting cards, Papersmiths Chelsea has got you covered.

We're proud to showcase the work of talented designers and makers, both local and international. Our commitment to independent creators is woven into the fabric of our store, and it shines through in every carefully chosen item.

In a world where big chain stores dominate, Papersmiths Chelsea stands as a symbol of individuality and character. We believe in the unique charm of independent shops, and we're here to offer you an experience you won't find anywhere else. Personalised service, artistry, and quality – that's what we're all about!

Explore our extensive selection of stationery and paper goods when you're next visiting west london and you won't be disappointed. 

Stationery Shop

Chelsea Stationery Shop

Chelsea Stationery Shop

Chelsea Stationery Shop

Stationery Shop Chelsea

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