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Pigment Paradise: Colourful Stationery Sets Based on Colour Theory

Welcome to our colourful world of stationery. Colours have a remarkable ability to evoke a range of emotions within us. From stimulating and energising to calming and soothing. What better way to harness the power of colour than infusing it into your workplace to boost productivity?

Now, let's delve into the art of choosing palettes. Each of us has our preference for different hues, and finding an aesthetic that resonates with you can bring joy at any age. 

Have you ever wondered how colours influence our feelings and decisions? Colour psychology reveals the profound impact colours have on us. Our perception of colour is influenced by our minds and collective cultures, making it a truly subjective experience.

Being in a yellow room could make some people feel on edge, while the colour blue can induce a sense of calm and relaxation? Artists and interior designers have long recognised the power of colours influence on the mood. As Pablo Picasso once said, "Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions."

Ancient cultures such as the Egyptians and Chinese practised chromotherapy, using colours to heal and restore balance. This practice, also known as light therapy or coli-urology, acknowledges the therapeutic potential of colours. 

While perceptions of colour may vary, certain colour effects have universal meanings that transcend cultural boundaries.

Here are some examples: 

  • Red - Passion, energy, excitement, and love
  • Pink - Softness, reserve, calm, romance, and earthiness
  • Purple -  Mystery, nobility, inspiration and creativity
  • Blue -  Wisdom, calm, hope, reason, and peace
  • Green-  Nature, growth, security and freshness
  • Yellow -  Happiness, hope, joy, and danger
  • Orange -  warmth, kindness, joy, and creativity.
  • Brown - Dependability, warmth, security, and earthiness
  • Black - Nobility, mystery, and power

However, it's important to note that the colour effects are not absolute. Experts have discovered that individual, cultural, and situational factors can influence how colour impacts our emotions and actions. So, when choosing your preferred palette, if you feel the benefits, it's a win-win situation. While we await more scientific research to understand colour psychology better, exploring the world of colours and finding what resonates with you is an exciting and enjoyable journey.

Below, you'll discover a range of colourful stationery choices to explore, each capable of evoking unique emotions. With these sets, you can infuse your workspace and enjoy the benefits long after.

So, without further ado, let's explore a range of notebooks, pens and stationery tools to fill your workplace with the transformative colour.

Yellow stationery

Feel like the sun is always shining surrounded by an assembly of yellows on your desk. You’ll be grinning from ear to ear with your display of sunflower tones, believed to create a happier workspace.

Yellow Stationery

Shop from top left to bottom right:  A. Washi Tape, B. Everyday Pen Banana C. Hex Eraser, D. Rhodiarama Notebook, E. Yolk Notebook, F. Stalogy Notebook, G. Supreme Colouring PenH. Brush Sign Pen, I. Caran D'Ache BallpointJ. Notebook Band, K. Notebook Band, L. Magnetic Sticky Notes. M. Mesh Pouch

Orange Stationery

Warmth, kindness, joy and creativity? What's not to love. Allow these orange tones to evoke your creative spirit.

Orange Stationery

A. Washi Tape, B. D-Clips Horse, C. Kaweco Ink, D. Everyday Pen Pumpkin, E. Brush Sign Pen, F. Amwell Planner, G. Notebook Band Mandarin, H. Weekly Planner, I. Le Pen, J. Primo Pen TurmericK. Appointed X Papersmiths Notebook, L. Rhodia Notebook

Blue stationery

Like the ocean, blue can keep you grounded whilst helping to order the mind. We recommend this hue if you’re looking for a peaceful work environment. Embrace a splash of calm.

Blue Stationery

Shop from top left to bottom right:  A. Primo Pen Periwinkle,  B. Mesh Pouch with Gusset, C. D-Clips PenguinD. Paperclip Bookmark, EKaweco Collection Fountain Pen Mellow Blue F. Notebook band A6, G. Papersmiths Azurite Notebook, H. Brush Sign Pens, I. Write On Tote J. Artline 200 Fine Pen. K. Primo Pen Sapphire, L. Everyday Pen Electric Blue, MTwist & Test Cartridge Dispenser.

Green stationery 

Green has restoring qualities, as if being amongst nature. It helps people feel rested and secure. When working with this selection of stationery you’ll feel totally at ease.

Green Stationery

Shop from top left to bottom right: A. Clissold Notebook Trio Set, B. Hex eraser, C. Papier Tigre Large Pencil Case, D. Brush Sign Pen, E. 849 Fountain Pen, F. Artline 200 Fine Pen, GPapersmiths Everyday Pen HMagnetic Sticky Notes, I. Le Pen Art PenJ. Hardcover Green Notebook, K. Tote Bag L. Kaweco Green Fountain Pen, M. D-Clips Dog.

Pink stationery 

These peppy pinks ooze romance and comfort. Despite these hues being punchy, bright and full of fun - think Barbie. Studies suggest that pink has a calming effect on the mind, promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels. Create a serene environment that allows your creativity flow effortlessly. Pink isn't just a colour to love; it can be a powerful tool to soothe your mind, and enhance your overall work experience.Pink Stationery


Shop from top left to bottom right: A. A6 Notebook Band, B. Mechanical PencilC. Brush Sign Pen Pink, D. Primo Pen Coral, E. Everyday Pen RoseF. Appointed Notebook,  G. Magnetic Sticky Notes H. Fuchsia Notebook Trio Set, I. Washi Tape, J. Pink Pouch, K. Papersmiths Cowrie Notebook

Purple stationery

Connect with your creative side and pick out these purples for a lighter, dreamier mood. It brings a romance similar to our preppier pink tones but with an edge. Purple is a powerful colour that helps to aid your imagination, so you’ll have plenty of inspiration working from these sets.

Lilac Stationery


Shop from top left to bottom right: A. Papersmiths Marais Notebook, B. Hex Eraser, C. Paul Smith Ballpoint, D. Everyday Pen Purple HazeE. Brush Sign Pen, F.  Le Pen, G. Appointed Lavender Notebook H. A-Journal School Diary 23-24, I. Mesh Pencil Case, J. Purple Notebook Band A4K. Sleep JournalL. Kaweco Fountain Pen Lavender, M. Kaweco Ink Bottle.


Red stationery

A bold yet popular choice, red can energise you when feeling slumped. If you need a boost of energy and passion in the room, pick up a pencil in this shade. However, if you’re feeling tense, we would opt for a calming yet vibrant Orange tint - such as our Morello Notebook, to give you exciting energy without feeling revved up.

Red Stationery

Shop from top left to bottom right: A. Red Pencil CaseB. A6 Notebook Band Scarlet, C. Stalogy 365 Notebook - A5, D. Brush Sign Pen, E. Artline Pen, F. Rock Paper Scissors Tote Bag, G. Hex Eraser, H. Morello Notebook Trio Set, I. Vintage Notebook, J. Mesh Pouch, K. Red Ruler.

Black stationery

Already have enough colour in your life? If you are looking for something more monochrome, black may be your first choice. Put some power into your routine with a sleek black stationery set.

Black Stationery set

A. Rhodia Notebook, B. Black Notebook Band, C. D-Clips Cat, D. Artline Pen, E. Kaweco InkF. Mesh Pen Pouch, G. Moleskine DiaryH. Le Pen Art PenI. 849 Ballpoint PenJ. Brush Sign PenK. Matte Pen ClipL. Kaweco Fountain Pen, MVintage Notebook.


Beige and brown stationery

Earthy tones are dependable. Feel a sense of security from this palette and allow your minds productivity to flourish.

Brown Stationery

A. Washi Tape, B. Primo Pen Shroom, C. Le Pen Art Pen, D. Brush Sign PenE. Notem NotebookF. Mesh Pen Pouch, G. Rhodia NotebookH. Washi StampsI. EraserJ. Pen ClipK. Traveler's Notebook.

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