Papersmiths x The Creatives: Lara Burke

Lara Burke
Creative Director - Victoria, Australia
Founder of Papersmiths favourite Frankie - Lara Burke is Creative Director of We Print Nice Things and publisher of the delectable Lunch Lady - a quarterly magazine about food and family. We share her snaps and stories about her love of stationery and it's influence on her creative process. 

"My stationery fad has been in full swing since I was about 5 years old. I had a pencil collection, a rubber collection and a sticker collection. I was mad about letter-writing paper sets, stencils, and jumbo rainbow notepads. I remember having a pen bangle, now that was the coolest."

In what way does stationery play a part in your creative process?

Stationery has a huge influence on my creative process. When I started out as a designer, computers were only part of the creative process. As a junior commercial artist, for example, if I was thrown a logo brief, I wouldn't touch my mac until I spent three hours sitting at a drawing table with a pencil and notepad. It was so important to me that everything felt good to use in this very hands-on process.  If I had the perfect paper softness and lead weight, then I would get into a groove fast. Everything would just work. 

Describe the contents of your pencil case in three words. 

Fluro, sharp, lines.


What is your favourite thing in your studio?

At the moment it would be my Doxie scanner. I just love minimising all the business paperwork and not having it in sight. Filing cabinets and boxes of invoices never look good in creative environments! And my sticky tape drawer. And my sticky dots. And all of my grid notebooks!

Name an artwork or piece of design that you love!

Anything that designer Anna Kövecses seems to do at the moment I love-love-love. And I also get a kick out of the simplicity of Dallas Claytons street art and bits and pieces.

Are you working on any exciting projects?

Lunch Lady magazine is our big project at the moment. It’s a quarterly about food and family, and is just a load of fun to design. It’s happy and colourful and I am like a kid in a toy shop when I am laying out the pages.

Thanks Lara!

@weprintnicethings & @hellolunchlady

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- PS

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