Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mum's the word: Top five stationery gifts for Mother's Day

Mothers deserve to be celebrated, and what better way to show your appreciation than with some lovely stationery gifts? From personalized notes to handmade cards and postcards, stationery gifts are an excellent way to make a mom feel special. In this blog post, we'll guide you through some of the best stationery gifts to give your mom this year.

Five Unique Gift Ideas for Mum

 1. The Sleep Journal 

The Sleep Journal by MiGoals is top of our list for a gift for Mums in need of a good night’s sleep. She’ll start to build a bedtime ritual around journaling about her dreams, the quality of sleep and what she’s grateful for. 

We reckon this is particularly well suited to new mothers or those with a particularly challenging brood. Just two minutes of me time before shut-eye could make all the difference.


2. Papersmiths Notebook in Limoncello

Looking for the perfect stationery gift for your mom this Mother's Day? Look no further than the Limoncello Notebook. This beautiful notebook features a unique design with a cheerful lemon pattern that adds a pop of color to her day. Plus, the high-quality paper makes it perfect for jotting down thoughts and taking notes. Give your mum the gift of an organized and stylish workspace.

Lime Notebook Mother's Day Gifts


3. The Appointed Notebook 

The Appointed notebook features a book cloth cover in multiple colours. Its modern design will look great in any workspace. The superior quality paper makes it perfect for writing down notes or sketching, and the chic design adds a stylish touch to any desk. This will feel like a luxury gift for you mum, paired with a matching Kaweco pen you can't go wrong.

Appointed Notebook Appointed Notebooks


4. Papersmiths Notebook, Pen and Notebook band Gift Sets

Give your mum the perfect stationery gift set this Mother's Day with the Papersmiths Gift Sets! These gift sets come in a variety of colours, perfect for any mum who loves her stationery. The sets feature high-quality notebooks and pens with unique designs that will add a touch of elegance to her everyday.

Stationery Gift Set Notebook gift set


5. A Fancy Notepad

The high-quality paper on our notepads make them great for writing down notes or sketching, and the designs add a touch of fun to any desk. They also make the perfect edition to pop in your bag ready for any quick lists. 

The notepad on the bottom left features a beautiful bee design, perfect for any wildlife lover, but you can mix it up with other fun designs. Le Typographe notepads also feature seagulls, pandas, bananas and more. You can browse them all here.

Notepad Note pad Pink


Looking for more Mother's Day gifts? You can browse the complete collection here.

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