Love as a Skill: What Love Really Is (and How to Do It Better) Event

Love as a Skill: What Love Really Is (and How to Do It Better) Event

Love as a Skill: What Love Really Is (and How to Do It Better) Event

This February, we are partnering with The School of Life to host an evening of conversation about love.

For most of us, the search for love — to give, receive and sustain it over a lifetime — will be the defining experience of our lives. Yet despite its importance, rarely do we talk about love openly — for if we were to subject our ideas to scrutiny, we might discover that much of what we are taught to believe about love is nonsense. Love is not, as we commonly suppose, an emotion, an impulse, or a supernatural force. Love is a skill: and, like any skill, one we must to practise in order to do successfully.

Hosted by a member of The School of Life faculty, Love as a Skill is an evening designed to get people talking about love. We’ll be discussing love in all its many forms — romantic, platonic, familial — as a way of understanding what it really is, and how we can do it better. The discussion will centre around some of the key ingredients of love, with participants invited to practise some of the emotional skills — curiosity, generosity, and vulnerability — that genuine love requires.

Whatever relationship you’re in (or indeed, not in) the event is suitable for anyone seeking to learn to love a little better: for friends, parents, siblings, spouses, partners, and the recently or not-so recently single. We want to encourage different people to share their experiences of love and give others the benefit of whatever wisdom they’ve learnt along the way.

Love as a Skill will be held at 6.30pm-8pm on Thursday February 23rd, upstairs at the Wolf & Badger mezzanine space in Kings Cross. In addition to the main event, there will be further interactive sessions and opportunities for discussion —as well as exclusive discounts and a free gift bag on the night.

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Date and time: Thu, 23 February 2023, 18:30 – 20:00 GMT

Location: Wolf & Badger - London Stable Street London N1C 4DQ

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