Father's Day Gift Ideas 2023

Primo Papa | Your Father's Day Gift Guide 2023

Father's day this year is June the 18th. Not long now. Fancy getting your dad something jazzier than last year? This is one for those that don't want to dive straight in to our gifts for him. We’ve rounded up a carefully curated list of our top Father’s Day picks. From thought provoking books that’ll have them hooked to sophisticated Travellers stationery and beyond. Explore our Father’s Day gift guide below for inspiring picks. What a bunch of happy pops we'll all have.

Sophisticated Father's Day Gifts

Travellers Gifts Create a gift set with these popular products from Travellers Co. Leather notebooks and fine brass details make for a lavish, sophisticated stationery set.

A. Traveler's Notebook B. Ballpoint Pen C. Brass Ruler D. Brass Pencil E. Pen Clip F. Traveler's Notebook G. Traveler's Notebook

Sophisticated Fathers Day Gifts

Father's Day Gifts for deep thinkers

A gift collection designed for dads who relish the pursuit of wisdom and the contemplation of life's profound mysteries. Present their book with a matching notebook and pen for fathers to transcribe their thoughts, revelations, and learnings. 

A. Do Walk B. Great Thinkers C. 849 Ballpoint D. 849 Ballpoint E. What is Culture for F. Product G. Self Knowledge

Father's Day Gifts for Deep Thinkers

Minimalist Father's Day Gifts for cool dads

An exquisite collection tailored for the discerning and hard-to-please dads: a carefully curated selection of minimalistic gifts that exude timeless elegance.

A. Mechanical Pencil B. Aluminium Sport Fountain Pen C. Workbook Oxford Blue D. Classic Line 849 Ballpoint Matte E. Mesh Pencil Case F. Silver Pen Clip G. Atlas Cedar Air Freshener

Minimalist Father's Day Gifts

Books that make great Father's Day gifts

These hardcover Gestalten books will captivate the hearts of avid readers. Carefully curated to cater to their unique interests, these literary treasures serve as extraordinary gifts, offering an endless source of knowledge and breathtaking visual journeys. 

A. The Rebels Wardrobe B. Grand Bikepacking Journeys C. Legendary Escapes D. Urban Playground E. The Surf Atlas

Arty Dad Gifts

For dads with a boundless creative spirit. For those that love fueling their passion for drawing, writing, and graphic expression. These gifts will inspire and empower their artistic endeavours.

A. Large Mesh Pouch B. Magic Eraser C. Le Pen Art Pens D. Brush Sign Pens E. Emilio Braga Notebook F. Blackwing PencilsArty Dad Gifts

Stationery Gift Sets

Our gift sets are created to celebrate design and colour, please the aesthete and induce instant excitement upon opening. Choose from our British-made notebooks, refillable high-quality pens and hand-sewn notebook bands.

A. Pen Stash B. Clissold Notebook, Band and Pen C. Yolk Notebook and Primo Pen D. Notebook Trio - Classic E. Notebook and Everyday Pen F. Azurite Notebook, Band and Pen 

Stationery Gift Sets

Fault Proof Dad Gifts

Fault-proof Father's Day gifts, carefully selected to honour the timeless classics that never fail to delight and inspire. Father’s Day Cards That’s everything on the gifting front.

A. The Bike Repair Book B. Craft Beer C. Daily Undated Planner D. East London Guide E. Paul Smith 849 Ballpoint

Fault Proof Dad Gifts

Father's Day Cards

Our current Father's Day collection has a range of carefully crafted cards. Explore our selection from funny puns to sentimental phrases. 

New cards:


Best sellers:

A. Top of The Pops B. You Are The Best C. FAO Dad D. Wonderful Dad E. Primo Papa F. Love You Dad

Father's Day Cards

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