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Meet the two print and stationery designers behind Storigraphic, a company that brings a burst of colour and creativity to Papersmiths shops. Each year, their bold and vibrant prints never fail to captivate our customers. But have you ever wondered about the story behind this wonderful company? What's the inspiration behind their designs? In this brand interview series, we get an exclusive peek behind the scenes and learn about the founders' journey in growing their business. Join us as we explore the fascinating processes and stories that make Storigraphic a unique and inspiring brand.

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Storigraphic Studio

How long have you been creating and designing for Storigraphic? Where did it all begin?

Roz: We launched the company in 2020.  We’ve been best friends since we met at art school and we started our first business, a design studio, in the late 90s, spending over two decades developing it, learning, earning and building. Throughout that time, we’d always had thoughts about setting up a creative publishing platform where we could extend our passion for design, print, pattern and focus on developing everyday eco products through sustainable manufacturing. 

When did you know you wanted to work in print?

Nic: When we started our studio, we were working on so many print-based projects it was inevitable for us to immerse ourselves and learn everything we could about designing for print and all production processes. As technology plus presses, papers, finishes etc. developed, we continued to refine our knowledge, and the more time we spent doing that, the greater our affinity for print.

Did you feel there was a big break in your career or was it a gradual road to success? Any moments that made you feel like you’d chosen the right path?

Roz: I’d say it was gradual. We were fast paced at the beginning of our career and then we took our time to learn and develop.

Nic: Yes, think we were super-charged in our 20s! Once we hit our 30s it became a far more gradual path for growth with every project and client win being pivotal. We eventually got to the position of building up a small design team and at that point we really felt everything was right.

What inspires your designs?

Roz: Pop culture, mid-century design, art history, fashion, nature, heritage, empowerment, and modern architecture.

How do you get into a state of flow?

Roz: By bouncing off each other — we’ve worked like this from the beginning. Also, music. Lots of it. 

Nic: We’ll take an idea to a certain place and then swap. The team will work in the same way, it’s good for everyone to covet ideas and work collaboratively.

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Have you ever felt challenges from being a female in the stationery industry?

Roz: In the design industry, more so at the beginning. We were young and female in the late 90’s — we faced a few challenges.

Nic: It wasn’t something that stopped us — if anything it pushed us to dig our heels in and plough forward.

What advice would you give female entrepreneurs looking to push into the stationery world?

Roz: It depends on where you are in your stage of life, career, experience. We run a mentoring initiative and meet designers from all backgrounds; many of the mentees we’ve met can lack confidence in their abilities and/or work. Believing in you is the one area that must be in a good place before anything else.

Nic: Keep focused, be professional, know where you want to be, and plan a route to make it work. 

I noticed you speak a lot about your environmental practice on your site. How does working to create an environmental product impact your design process?

Roz: All our products are determined equally by design and sustainable manufacturing. We purposely avoid complicating the production process which can set parameters to the finishing and format of a product.

Nic: Everything is made in the UK and 100% plastic-free, this means we’re limited with certain elements, pushing us to source alternative solutions. For instance, the glue we use for securing our belly bands is plant-based. The product design and development process carry greater cost as well as impact our margins but it’s worth every input when we’ve nailed the finished product.

We love to take a look behind-the-scenes in design studios. Where is your workspace? Can we take a peak? 

Roz: Our studio has always been based in London, but we're in the throes of some exciting changes, setting up our studio in Cambridge.

Nic: Here's a look behind-the-scenes of our studio of 20 years. We’ve spent many happy days there; it’s been a second home for us all.

 Storigraphic Workspace

What's in the pipeline for you? Do you have any big exciting projects that you’d like to share?

Roz: We have a few projects currently underway, including four design collections for this year, and an exciting paperware collab with a UK retailer.

Nic: We’re also working hard building up our homeware range, including wallpaper, kitchen and textiles-based products.

I’d love to know which one is your favourite design from the past and present combined. Do you have a preference, and if so, what makes you favour a design over another?

Roz & Nic: Tough question! We’ve curated a couple of earlier designs with two of our newest that we think work well together.

  1. Flamingo Flock
  2. Loom 1
  3. Seventies 3
  4. SG x Hornsea Saffron Modern 
Gift Wrap - Loom 1 Gift Wrap - Balloon Dog Gift Wrap - Daisy Bloom


Keen to shop more of Storigraphic’s designs? You can shop the full collection here

You can find Storigraphic on Instagram at @storigraphic

Or visit their website at


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