Appointed x Papersmiths 2022

Appointed x Papersmiths 2022

Appointed x Papersmiths
Launching Soon

When Appointed first suggested creating an exclusive 2022 planner, just for us, my initial thought process went like this.

"I wonder how much it costs to make a planner in my favourite colour, just for me? Surely that's going to be too expensive. But how thoughtful of them. Can I justify it? What's a reasonable sum to spend on a planner, anyway? What's a sensible cost per use? If I use it all day, every day, for 365 days, I'll get it down to pennies. If it's got gold foil on it, I guess I can stretch to a little bit more..."

Oh, the inner monologue of a stationery addict. I could see my future self keeping said planner-for-one under lock and key. I'd write in it with my best handwriting. Using the same colour ink. All year! No scrawling allowed. 

Then I realised that Appointed were proposing a serious collaboration. I shook off my daydream and got to work. The process began. But which planner layout to choose? This was indisputable. The Year Task Planner is a favoured format here at Papersmiths. Last year, we couldn't keep enough in stock. It sold out three times over.

Next came conversations around the cover. Known for their biodegradable book cloth, the material itself would stay the same. But the colour selecting was an open book. My gut said orange. Not apricot, tangerine or carrot. No, this has to be the burnt, rusty kind. Sepia, cinnamon, perhaps even toast. Swatches of varying shades of cloth were dispatched from Appointed's Washington workshop. Arriving here in London, they were put under the scrutiny of my eyes in sunlight, artificial light and moonlight. The hue was found. 

Production began at Appointed HQ. Printing, sorting, binding, foiling, finishing, packing and shipping were completed. That brings us to today's update. The planners are scheduled to arrive at our Brighton HQ very soon. 

In our next blog post, I'm going to take you through the design details and inner workings of our very special edition of the Year Task Planner as well as revealing details of the release date.

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Appointed x Papersmiths

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