After Dark

A few (many) late nights are proving worthwhile. Ross and Kyle have been working day and night, transforming long planks of oak into actual furniture. I (Sid) popped back to Dorset on Saturday to visit my dad post hip operation (He's recovering very well - well done Dad!) and upon return Kyle and Ross said they had some very bad news indeed. It was so bad that they couldn't tell me what had happened. They said they would return to the shop in the morning, before me, to rectify the problem. Thoughts of smashed glass, wonky oak and stationery on fire raced through my head. What could this terrible occurrence be?

The next morning I arrived at the shop to find the place sparkling (sort of) and completely transformed. Everything was in tact, more in tact than before I'd left. They'd been having me on. The boys had swept up all of the sawdust, cleared all the rubbish and all of the furniture was in its place. Here's a little tour of our new shop fittings:

These oak boxes are on wheels which allow them to be moved to different locations in the shop and pulled out for cleaning (Kyle's hobby).

This is the book and magazine area. These counters will be clad in tiles and we'll fix shelves above which will hold around 170 publications. Book worms eat your heart out.

Here's what will be the reading bench! This is my favourite area. Soon it'll be scattered with soft cushions, ready for you to browse books at your leisure.

Kerrrching! This is the till counter. This is where you'll usually find Sid.

Oak cladding solves all sorts of problems. This covered up some uneven walls and provides a perfect backdrop for our framed prints while the cladding of the stairs has turned something that was otherwise not very notable into something extraordinary!

Here's the stationery table. This chap is getting new legs next week though.

And there you have it. Tour over! The end is in sight.

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