Plant Life

We love stationery for many reasons, one being how happy it makes us to be in the company of beautifully designed products. It is this essence of beauty in every day life that kick started our idea of creating a living wall for our shop.

The brilliantly talented Jeanette Ramirez of The Clorofilas has designed a bespoke living wall for the space. It will sit alongside seating to unwind and flick through one of our 120 magazine titles and array of design books. Colourful succulents have been carefully selected and will contrast with black hand coloured moss. Jeanette is a botany genius and her vision knows no bounds. We've waited almost a year for the opportunity to work with her and her creation of this radical piece is going to make us very happy indeed!

We also have some beautiful succulent terrariums that will be dotted around the shop and available to purchase. Succulents are low maintenance and don't need too much tending to in order to stay alive, and with the Papersmiths team looking after them it's just as well.

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