The Penultimate Weekend

This weekend our hero, Ross Clarke of Fat Leaf, returned to help us begin the install of the furniture. He set off from a very rainy Bridport with a tarpaulin protecting the oak in the trailer. Upon arrival in Bristol it transpired that the tarpaulin had holes in it which resulted in water staining on the wood. This is the only rainfall we've seen for the entire build!

Kyle and Ross got to work unloading the oak, spacing it out so that it could dry. Here is a shop full of soggy wood.

The boys began work on a clad wall to cover up an unwanted arched alcove and uneven walls. They started by fixing on a frame to nail the wood into and then cut and secured lengths of oak using copper nails (many salvaged from the disassembling of Something Else's wooden wall - we're all for the three R's). We decided to have a vertically clad wall this time around. We love the difference in depth and the contrast with the white wall.

The second half of the weekend was spent transforming the staircase. We ripped out the metal grids which were there before and then created a new oak facing and voila! Here you have it:

It wasn't really that simple; Ross and Kyle spent quite a while working out the logistics of this installation and it was a complicated procedure. Halfway through the weekend Sid decided that the shop was on its way to looking better than the products themselves and started panic buying Danish stationery. We've got lots of new things set to arrive in the next fortnight because of this!
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