A Wee Natter With... Max from Bark!

We recently heard about two boys called Max and Reuben that had started a magazine to raise money to buy an acre of rainforest to save it from loggers and deforestation. This magazine is called Bark! and it features a range of artists, illustrators and designers that have all contributed to the magazine. The first issue features work from Jim Sutherland, Philippa Rise and Jack Teagle. The magazine is a creatively visual and imaginative way of taking action on conservation! To help Max and Reuben in their quest to save the rainforest, simply buy one of their magazines and follow their story on bark-cc.tumblr.com! We had a quick chat to Max about Bark! and here's what he had to say...

PS - What is Bark! magazine about?
Bark magazine is about the rain forest, or more importantly trying to save it. But it's also lots of fun and loads of good people contributed.

PS - What made you want to start Bark! magazine? What's Bark! aiming to do?
My dad told me to stop complaining about loggers and how they were destroying the rain forest and do something. We had the idea for a cake sale but too much hard work, we thought about doing a carwash but WAY too much hard work. Then we had the idea for a comic which was about the rainforest, so we contacted loads of awesome artists.

PS - Sorry for the personal question, but we're quite amazed that you're so young and achieving so much. Do you mind us asking how old you are?

PS - How did you get people involved in Bark! and has this been fun?
We got people involved in Bark by emailing them, putting a call for submissions on our blog (bark-cc.tumblr.com) and Simon Moreton, a local comic artist, really helped get the word out there. My friend Reuben, who did the comic with me, his dad is a graphic designer (he organised the comic) and he called in a few favours.

PS - Did you choose the illustrators yourself?
Some we choose and some came to us. I am a huge Philippa Rice and Jack Teagle fan so we wrote to them specifically.

PS - How do you balance Bark! and your school work? Is it something you do in the holidays?
Yeah. I work really really really hard at school and don't have time in term time. Honest, I really do. I promise. I never play computer games or lego. Actually I did it in the weekends, evening and holidays with my dad.

PS - Describe your normal day.
Wake up Lounge around Get dressed Eat breakfast Go to school Come home Do seriously hard playing Refuse to go to bed 

PS - What's your favourite song?
Red Alert - Basement Jaxx

PS - What's next for Bark?
Need to keep selling the first issue (the printers kindly printed 500 copies for free!!! so we have lots left). Starting to think about a second issue (if I can get my friend Reuben's approval). Hopefully it will be quicker and easier the second time.

Thanks Max! bark-cc.tumblr.com

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