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Uni Stationery Essentials - A Definitive Guide For University Students

Students, are you looking for a productive start to your new academic year? We've determined that behind every successful student there are three things. Drive, passion and, last but definitely not least, an organised stationery collection - of course! 

Are you a keen first-year looking to get into the productive flow from the start? Or perhaps it's your final year of study and you want to get on top of your game - kudos to you. It's the year that matters the most, after all. Either way, we have the university stationery essentials for you. Time to tap into your inner genius and get that brain ticking!

No need to scroll through endless items with no idea what to choose; we have organised the best stationery for uni students into sets. Whether you're a minimalist or a maximalist, we have some great options to choose from.

Colourful Stationery

Fancy swimming in complementary hues? A splash of colour always helps to get you in a productive mood. Any student would be excited to take notes in these undated diaries with their colourful prints. From pastels to bold block colours, we have a vibrant range of stationery to explore. What could be more essential than fluorescent orange sticky notes?

Colourful Stationery Set
A - Canvas Pencil Case - Brush Check | Shop now
B - Undated Weekly Pocket Planner - Algebra No. 1 | Shop now
C - Weekly Pocket Planner - Brush Check No.2 | Shop now
D - Morello Notebook | Shop now
E - Logo Bookmark - Blue | Shop now
F - Algebra Washi Tape | Shop now
G - Everyday Pen - Pumpkin | Shop now
H - Magnetic Notes Peach | Shop now
I - Notebook and Pen Duo - Yolk | Shop now
J - Mesh Pencil Case - Red & Blue | Shop now
K - Hex Eraser | Shop now

Pretty Pink Stationery

Do you love to complement pink with pink? These pretty stationery items have us blushing. Embrace the Barbiecore trend with pastel pinks and flashy fuchsias. How irresistible are the transparent pencil cases? You can show off all the pink goodies inside. Unlock your full potential with the candy utopia that is your stationery selection.


Pretty Pink Stationery Set
A - Mesh Pencil Case Small - Pink | Shop now
B - Ellepi Stapler | Shop now
C - Washi Tape | Shop now
D - Notebook and Pen Duo - Cowrie | Shop now
E - Weekly Undated Planner - Tokyo No. 1 | Shop now
F - Mark's Gel Pen - Pink | Shop now
G - Nahe A6 Case - Pink | Shop now
H - Magnetic Notes - Pink | Shop now
I - Sign Pen - Pink | Shop now
J - Hex Eraser | Shop now

High Productivity Stationery

These are the best stationery sets to increase productivity. A* students get in line. Not only does this set include designs that have won awards for their function, but they're also pretty good looking. Stick a Magnetic Note on any surface or tear off a page from your Focus Pad to tape to your wall. These tools are pivotal to your student packing list.

Student Stationery Set for Productivity
A - Appointed Year Task Planner | Shop now
B - Focus Desk Pad | Shop now
C - Magnetic Notes - Pastel Green | Shop now
D - Four Functions Pen | Shop now
E - 200 Fine 0.4 Pen | Shop now
F - Academic Wall planner | Shop now
G - Mildliner Dual Tip Highlighter | Shop now
H - Washi Tape in Gold | Shop now
I - Clear Radar Eraser | Shop now
J - Mesh Pouch Medium - Yellow Blue | Shop now

Fun Stationery

Creative students and those looking for a laugh will make a beeline for these happy tools. Designed to make you smirk, these creations will not only will help your productivity but they'll be great conversation starters. Make friends and ace your grades in one.

Fun StationeryA - Bon Vivant Lobster Bookmark | Shop now
B - Sticky Notes - Sun | Shop now
C - Patterned Scissors - Stockholm | Shop now
E - A5 Notebook Band - Yellow | Shop now
F - Webcam Cover | Shop now
G - Washi Tape Inky Mix | Shop now
H - Weekly Pocket Planner - Camo Collage No.2 | Shop now
I - Banana Mini Desk Pad | Shop now
J - Ellepi Stapler Lilac | Shop now
K - Brush Sign Pens - Set of 10 | Shop now

Minimal Stationery

Quality over quantity. Minimalism is a popular style choice for a reason. A clear canvas with an intelligent, exceptional design creates the perfect space for your mind to flourish. Graphic design and architecture students, roll up! We recommend these high-class tools for you.

 Minimal StationeryA - Appointed Year Task Planner | Shop now
B - Slendy + Eraser | Shop now 
C - Desk Pad | Shop now 
D - Moleskine Weekly Hard Cover Diary | Shop now
E - Chunky Mechanical Pencil | Shop now
F - Classic Line 849 Ballpoint Pen - Brut Rosé | Shop now
G - The Week Pad Desktop Planner | Shop now
H - Notebook and Pen Duo - Clissold | Shop now

We hope that this uni stationery essentials list will have you on your way to success this academic year. If you’re looking to browse even more stationery you can visit our back to school edit here.Tag us on social (@paper_smiths), so we can see your new kit. We look forward to seeing our stationery in the wild.
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