Plan-tastic diaries that you can start next month, next week and right now

Plan-tastic diaries that you can start next month, next week and right now

The summer holidays are on the horizon, you may be planning to jet off to distant lands and we're almost halfway through the year. Already! Having just returned from my honeymoon, split between St Agnes, Cornwall and the city of Bath, my week kicked off with a serious case of the post honeymoon blues. Or was it sugar withdrawal? If you happen to holiday in Bath this summer, head straight to Berdoulat and ask for the Financier, made by Rye Bakery of Frome. We couldn't stay away and found ourselves making daily visits to take in the creations housed in this epic restoration project. And to eat cake.

But today, I'm glad to be back at my desk and writing to you because we've reached a time on the stationery calendar that brings about an opportunity to choose some new planning tools. 
We're preparing the Papersmiths stores for the planners amongst you, knowing that the gentle trickle of requests for diaries will soon become stronger. Our stationery shelves are starting to fill up with fantastic options to start now, next week or next month. 

Choosing a diary is a matter of great personal importance. So, to help you along, here's our roundup of what's on offer. It's time to delve into the details of our box fresh stationery. 

1. Desktop Notepad by Before Breakfast

A gummed desktop planner that's designed, printed and bound by discerning stationery studio, Before Breakfast, in Highbury and Islington, London. Risograph is a printing method that uses soy inks rather than chemicals. Besides the environmental positives, riso also achieves vibrant colours and pleasing misalignments.  

Shop Desktop Notepad, £15


2. Weekly Undated Planner by Ponderlily

If we were to pick our planners based on their colour alone, this would be our favourite. Undated diary formats aren't suited to everyone but, if hues of spicy cayenne pique your interest, this might be the one for you. 
A substantial hardback with an undated format. Complete with all the goal setting tools that a mid-year restart requires. 

Shop Undated Weekly Planner, £29


3. Academic Daily Planner by Appointed

This August-start daily planner has a hardback linen cover and ribbon bookmark. An elevated academic option. Available in various colours. We're mad about the fern green.

Shop Academic Daily Planner, £32.50


4. Weekly Notepad by Before Breakfast

The best laid plans have a greater chance of success when put to paper. Get your affairs in order and view your week at a glance with this desktop delight. The combination of light grey paper stock and minimalist structure results in a subtle planning companion. The 52 tear-off sheets will see you through a year.

Shop Weekly Notepad, £13


5. Academic Year Task Planner by Appointed

Straight outta Washington comes the August-start version of our bestselling dated annual. It's called an academic but don't let that put you off. Your writer uses hers for running this here small business. Oozing with thoughtful design features, our favourite is the tabbed thumbnails for easy navigation.

Shop Academic Year Task Planner, £32.50


6. Time Block Pad by MiGoals

A much-anticipated new release from productivity gurus MiGoals. Chunk your tasks and make every hour count.

Shop Time Block Pad, £8


7. Academic Monthly Planner by Appointed

Running from August 2021 to December 2022, this sewn planner has a tactile linen cover and dedicates a double page spread to each month. It makes for a neat, discreet alternative to a household wall calendar. 

Shop Academic Monthly Planner, £22.50


8. 2021/2022 Diary by Moleskine

A hardcover option taking you from July 2021 to December 2022. Each lefthand page has a dated schedule for planning your week, whilst the right is free for notes. Available in a spectrum of colours.

Shop 2021/2022 Diary, £19


9. Academic Weekly Planner by Appointed

This weekly dated diary packs a punch with a whopping seventeen months of planning. Starts in August.

Shop Academic Weekly Planner, £26


10. Weekly Task Pad by Appointed

Fifty tear-off pages with space for notes, task lists, reminders and, crucially, a weekly schedule.

Shop Weekly Task Pad, £15.50

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