Papersmiths Grand Tour

The back of the shop has a cushioned seating area in the windows and a huge table full of our favourite stationery. The book and magazine shelves are to the back and side, with plenty more to come.

Our beautiful living wall with black hand dyed moss and succulents that are looked after by the wonderfully talented Jeanette Ramirez of The Clorofilas. We also have some potted succulents dotted around the shop in the most amazing handmade ceramic pots that are also available to buy.

At the back of the shop we have a lovely cushioned window seating area to relax and flick through some of the latest magazines and books. Our cushions are also available for purchase.

Brass pencil sharpeners nestled amongst the stationery.

These Hay Kaleido accessory trays have just arrived and we're completely in love with them, especially the packaging design!

Here are the magnificent book and magazine shelves where we could get lost for hours pouring over each and every title.

This is the children's book table. It's full of beautifully illustrated children's books and magazines from some of our favourite authors.

The roll out units made by Ross from Fat Leaf are now home to a selection of our favourite items and stone and glass terrariums by Jeanette Ramirez.

Our beautiful counter with herringbone patterned tiles and some gorgeous flowers from Sid's lovely Mum and Dad (thank you!)


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