Days One, Two and Three

After almost three months since we first viewed the property, we finally received the keys to our new shop and studio! The new location has been the worst kept secret for sometime - we were worried about announcing the move publicly incase anything went wrong before signing our lives away. We had hoped to receive the keys in the middle of August which would have allowed a two week overlap between the two properties. Various problems meant we didn’t get our hands on them until Friday the 29th, leaving just the weekend to dismantle the structure of the old shop and studio. We packed it all up and moved everything a mile up the road and up three flights of stairs to the new location; a 137 year old building (approx.) on Boyce’s Avenue and King’s Road in Clifton Village. Needless to say it’s been a very long weekend, fuelled by several beers (and Pimms-in-a-can for Sid), and now our joints and muscles are aching.

On arrival we got started on some very unplanned demolition works which lasted for most of the day and well into the night. The space is now almost completely gutted. We discovered an ancient cola can; all the way from 2005! A more valuable discovery was a beautiful pillar which had been cased in. We ripped out all the carpet on the first floor, revealing some old floor boards which we hope to bring back to life. This is a huge win as we had expected a hefty amount of the budget to go on new wooden floors for the first and second floor. We now just need to learn how to spruce up such a floor - ideas welcome!

There’s no doubt that we’ll owe a million thank yous to Ross Clarke (Kyle’s brother). He drove up to Bristol from deepest darkest Dorset with a pickup and huge trailer. He worked tirelessly all weekend to move us to our new space. Sadly at one point he took off his shirt, horrifying the pedestrians. I apologise to all who witnessed this. There will be many more thanks due to Ross by the end of this. He’ll be building the majority of the shop and studio.     




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