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This week we are recommending the top tools for the creative professional by highlighting five of our key stationery pieces. 

With so many beautiful stationery brands at Papersmiths, it wasn't easy choosing which would make the cut for this feature. The five that we have selected are quite simply the best of the best, recommended and used by creative professionals the world over. With designer flair and functionality, these are the modern accessories for the contemporary creative. 

1. The Mechanical Pencil: Ideal for drawing and shading, refill with 2B, white chalk, or magic multicolour. There is a drawing set too with 6 different leads of varying textures including charcoal and a conte crayon - an extra hard pastel made from clay and graphite. Unscrew the end to reveal a handy sharpener. The Chunky Mechanical Pencil is available in 6 different colourways. Made in Germany. 


2. The SharpenerChoose from two sleek brass sharpeners, or get a fine point with the three hole precision version. The Brass Sharpener is made of weighty brass and has two holes, one for a standard sized pencil, and the other for chunky and magic pencils. If you're looking for a finer point, use the three holed sharpener with the varying length blades. 


3. The PencilThe Blackwing Pencil series is legendary and has been used since the 1930's by an array of famous artists, animators and illustrators. With three different cores from the soft Original to the smooth Pearl, this pencil is the go to for the professional creative. Known for their dedication to craftsmanship, the Blackwing is made to feel perfectly balanced in the hand. Personalise your pencil with replacement erasers. 

4. The NotebookEmbrace minimalism and sophistication with these notebooks from Mnemosyne. Made from premium quality Japanese paper, and named after the goddess of memory, Mnemosyne stationery is made for note taking.

5. The Fountain PenMakers of stationery for over 130 years, German stationers Kaweco's Fountain Pen is pocket-sized and lightweight making it extremely portable. Choose from two sizes of nib, a medium or a fine, both of which inspire fluid writing. The fountain pen is available in six colours with ten popping ink refills.


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