Slowdown Studio

Slowdown Studio

We are so excited to welcome Slowdown Studio to Papersmiths!

Made entirely in the USA, these gorgeous limited edition blankets are a collaboration between the Studio’s founders and their favourite artists and illustrators, and come in four unique designs.

Whether it be a seaside stroll, a countryside picnic or simply curling up on the sofa, these blankets are so versatile. They are also made out of 100% cotton, ensuring ultimate comfort and durability. 

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The Dutronc Throw The Hardy Throw
Atelier Bingo x Slowdown Studio

Atelier Bingo is Maxime Prou and Adèle Favreau, a French design duo working in illustration, pattern making and graphic design. They are known for their abstract cut-out aesthetic, seen primarily in their vibrant collage screenprint posters. They currently work from a colourful rural studio in Saint Laurent sur Sèvre, in the heart of the French countryside. Having collaborated with a number of notable magazines including The Plant and Wrap magazine, it made perfect sense for Slowdown to invite them to design for them. Available in two fab colour-ways, Atelier Bingo's artistry make these blankets hang-on-the-wall worthy!

Atelier Bingo
Super Bingo 2000

The Kilgour Throw
Jordy van den Nieuwendijk x Slowdown Studio

The Kilgour Throw is a playful, colourful riot of Dutch painter Jordy van den Nieuwendijk's signature squiggles and swirls. Having trained in Rotterdam, and also at the renowned Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Jordy has worked for an impressive number of publications and newspapers. His work is satisfyingly sunny - big, bold shapes in primary colours fill out canvases, sketches, drawings - and his Instagram feed, which is full of all the weird and wonderful things that inspire this exciting artist. 

Jordy van den Nieuwendijk
The Forster Throw
Espen Friberg x Slowdown Studio

Espen Friberg's drawing for the Forster Throw is a luxe combination of monochrome doodles and zany, bright fringing. Espen, a Norwegian designer, dabbles in all things creative, and has lent his hand to typography, illustration and music. He's published experimental poetry zines with Jessica Williams, and contributed entertaining animated characters to one of Todd Terje's music videos. 

Espen Friberg
Espen's Scraps

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