It's time to reveal our pen collection

It's time to reveal our pen collection

Our collection of Papersmiths pens arrives next month! If our notebook launch is anything to go by, things are going to get stationery world wild. So we're making a limited quantity of our first release available for pre-order. Our pens will be ready to ship from late August. Once we've sent out the pre-orders, the collection will be available in our shops and online. Now it's time to get down to the details. Here's what you need to know about our Everyday Pen.

A pen for everyday. Our Everyday Pen is a hybrid made in handwriting heaven. It brings together smooth flowing ink, like that found in a fountain or rollerball, with the ease of use of a ballpoint.

Tip top. Let's talk about the point. A needle-like 0.5mm pen tip creates an ultra fine writing line. We often hear you guys ooh-ing and ah-ing when you first test out a needle-point, and for good reason. Rather than the conventional conical tip found on your typical rollerball, the needle-point is a 3mm long pipe shape. This makes it excellent for precision work. And, for the everyday scribbler, it will smarten up the scruffiest of scrawls.

Pick of the prism. Our pen body is made with a natural cedar wood casing so it feels as lightweight as a pencil. The wood is finished in one of six vibrant hues. Choose from (above) olive, banana, purple haze, rose, pumpkin or electric blue.

In good hands. If you've been reading our design updates, you'll know that our pens have been manufactured in Japan, the birthplace of the rollerball pen. They're made by our experts who have been creating pens for over 70 years.

Flow writer. 
Our factory just so happen to be experts in ink manufacturing and have over one hundred years of ink-making under their belt. We've used a very dense, black, oil-based and low-viscosity ink. It flows freely, almost like a rollerball or fountain pen, but the tip gives meticulous precision. The softness of the ink creates very dark and clear lines which work beautifully for drawing, writing, scanning and copying. 

Make mine refillable The Everyday is refillable, so you'll be able to use it time and time again. You can purchase your refills individually or in sets of three or five. 

What's golden? Our Everyday Pen is all about the matt colour of the casing, elevated with a subtle shine from the golden accents. Each pen is delicately foil stamped with 'Papersmiths' in gold. 

Knock knock. Did you know that the push button found at the end of a pen is known as a 'knock' or 'knock button'? Ours has a brass knock with matching brass taper, making our pens retractable and ready to transport. 

That completes our introduction to our Everyday Pen. Secure your new mark-making companion by pre-ordering from our super stationery special limited release here. We'd love to see them in their new homes so please tag us on Insta @paper_smiths. 

Thank you so much for reading!

Sid x
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