New arrival: Mark's dated diary collection

New arrival: Mark's dated diary collection

Just in from Mark's of Japan, it's their collection of September-start dated diaries. These diaries were at the top of our list for scheduling in our 'Top Tools for 2021 Planning' feature. They're back for 2021/2022 with brand new colours and patterns and the same handy zippy pocket we can't be without. Let's take a look at the collection.

Inside, you'll find a double page spread dedicated to each week. It features a vertical layout which, in diary lingo, means the hours of the day are laid out on the page from top to bottom so you can


rather than like this. 

Twenty-five percent of the double page spread is dedicated to a dot grid notes section and 25x22mm thumbnails show you the current and previous month's calendars. The diary is fully dated and includes week numbers, too.

There’s a spread for annual planning (great for tracking holidays – fingers crossed) or repurposing as your own habit tracker. And a monthly spread for bigger picture planning.

It's available in A5 and A6 sizes and in a huge variety of cover designs. We also stock the refills so you can reuse last year's cover or switch between cover styles throughout the year.

You’ll find notes pages in the back, tabbed monthly sections (A5 only) for easy flipping and a bookmark ribbon to mark your current week. International holidays are printed throughout and there’s an overview of international currencies and telephone codes, average temperatures, subway maps, airport information and the world time chart. 

Our favourite feature is the PVC zippy cover which not only protects your diary from splashes of coffee but doubles as a wallet for keeping receipts, business cards and your pen to hand. 

A resilient option that'll see you through the next sixteen months...and beyond! Shop the full Mark's diary collection here.

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