Go On, Show Us Your Pencil Case!

Hi guys, it’s Sid here, one half of the duo who started Papersmiths. Kyle is the other half. We’ll think of a feature for him to kick off later.

My interest in stationery has resulted in:

– Unconventional job interviews where I’ve found out everything about someone’s pencil case and nothing about their skillset.

– An unexpected private view of a pen collection which, rather than being a standout curation of specialist writing instruments, was comprised of freebie plastic pens from various dive bars.

– Frantic scenes at airport bag drops where I transfer notebook after notebook from my suitcase to my hand luggage in a bid to shave off expensive extra grams.

As it turns out, lots of us have stories to tell about stationery. And I expect many of you have stellar stationery collections.

For that reason we would love you to share some snaps of YOUR pencil case scenarios and talk us through the contents. We’ll repost the most intriguing and the aesthetically pleasing.

This idea could justify creating a hashtag but we can’t think of one right now. Any ideas?

To provide some inspo, here is my current set up:

Mini pencils for specific purposes by Mr Boddington’s studio. Mr Bodd is a charming stationery brand based in the US. We stock their greetings cards at Papersmiths, but I picked up these cuties at the amazing shop Shorthand in LA. They’re pocket friendly too.

J Herbin ink in a mix of colours. Ever noticed how when you change ink cartridge colours the first page or so of writing will have an ombre ink effect as the new colour starts to flow through? Side note: I’m reducing my use of single-use plastic so I’m using up my ink cartridges then changing over to bottled ink and a converter.

Keuffler und Esser mechanical pencil in orange. I’ve trawled the internet trying to find a supplier of this fantastically functional, metal beauty so that we can stock them at Papersmiths. No luck yet, but if anyone has insider information on this brand please let me know.

Kaweco Sport fountain pen in the limited edition orange release, only available in Spain. Smooth, nimble and pocket sized.

‘I’m Doing Serious Work Here!!’ pencil. I found this at Bulletin in NY. Sometimes I think I’m really busy and important. The two exclamation marks on this pencil remind me to chill out and not take myself so seriously. It’s only stationery.

This lightweight, triangular 15cm ruler by Standardgraph in a metallic terracotta finish speaks for itself. Swish!

The Deren pencil case by Walk With Me is produced using one piece of recycled leather. It’s extremely durable and I love this flecked quality. It reminds me of handmade paper.

You can’t quite see but also tucked away in there is a selection of brush pens by Faber Castell which I use for adding colour to plans, sketches and ideas.  


Disclaimer: This stationery may have been airbrushed. I cleaned out the pencil shavings and sharpened my pencils for this special day. Please feel free to present your tools in their natural habitat, blunt pencils and all. Remember to tag us @paper_smiths. Sharpeners at the ready!

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