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Daily, Weekly and Monthly Mid-Year Planners

It’s time to get yourself in good stead for the new academic year. We all need a planner to stay organised and keep on top of our busy schedules. With so many tempting mid-year diaries and planners at your fingertips, it’s difficult to know what key planning pieces to go for. Dated or undated, A4 or A5? Bold with pattern and prints, or understated and minimal? Which one should you pick? We’re here to help with our paper planning know-how and years of stationery experience. Let’s make this year a productive one!

Do I need a mid-year planner or diary?

Yes! Mid-year planners are essential for organising your priorities and time whilst at work, school, college or university. There’s so much to track - classes, meetings, appointments, study time and extracurricular activities, to name a few. Fitting everything into a busy life can feel overwhelming without a plan. But once you’re armed with one of our planners, you’ll be planning with efficiency and so on track of your schedule that you’ll find yourself with plenty of extra time to do what you love most. Winner!

Which diary should I choose to stay organised?

Let’s begin by asking the question, what are your usual challenges? Do you lose track of time or struggle to fit all your plans and tasks into one page? If so, pick out a planner in a larger format to pack everything in. Or perhaps you’re looking for something portable. Opt for a pocket-friendly size that you can keep on you at all times. Maybe you’re a creative type seeking a blank canvas, which allows self-expression to flourish on the page. With the right tool, you can take on the world. One day, week or month at a time. Schedule some of that free time in and thank us later!

1) For the neverending to-do list

Are your tasks crammed in and overflowing onto the next page? Or maybe your notepad is drowning in ink and the Monday box is gasping for air. Fret not! Our friends The Completist create daily diaries for those with lots of tasks or meetings. Satisfyingly chunky, with a whole page dedicated to each weekday, this is the ultimate diary for those never-ending task lists. These daily planners also have tick boxes to check off your achievements as you go - an added bonus for maximising productivity.

Daily Undated Planner A5 Flora

The Daily Planner Undated Flora No. 1 | The Completist | 35.00 | Shop now

2) Task planning

Get your day organised with our super savvy desktop planner designs. With dedicated space for setting goals, making action lists and planning out your time hour by hour, you’ll be able to pack loads in and smash your goals.

Floral Desktop Planner by The Completist

The Desktop Planner Weekly Organiser | The Completist | £15.00 | Shop now


The Daily Planning Desk Pad by Mi goals

The Daily Desk Pad | MiGoals | £8.00 | Shop now

3) For flexibility

It’s another entry from those pattern makers of Peckham. The Completist delivers delightfully designed undated diaries with a variety of snazzy covers to please any aesthete. Whatever look you’re going for, these undated weekly layouts are a flexible option for those who stop and start projects. If you have a holiday, you can return and pick up where you left off - guilt-free.

Weekly Bold Printed UnDated Diary Planner

Weekly Dated Planner A5 - Stockholm No. 2 | The Completist | £35.00 |Shop now

4) Always on the go

You’re racing in between tasks and activities and you need to be quick on your toes. Take the weight off mentally and physically with our pocket-friendly, portable planners. Whether you’re running to the office from an early gym session, cycling to drinks after work or climbing Mount Everest these are the perfect companions for you.

Layflat Weekly Pocket Planner A6

Layflat Weekly Pocket Planned Enid Green / Pink | Ola | £15.00 | Shop Now

Superbloom Printed Undated Pocket Diary

Pocket Undated Planner - Superbloom | The Completist | £12.50 | Shop now

Ola Weekly Pocket Planner

Layflat Weekly Pocket Planned Enid Brown / Blue | Ola | £15.00 | Shop Now

5) For focus

For when the apps on your phone are non-stop pinging and you’re lost in a never-ending field of tasks but… look at that cute puppy reel. Time to focus. Grab this pad, fend off those notifications and take a deep breath. The Focus Pad helps you to prioritise tasks by categorising them into four sections. Choose from ‘Do First’, ‘Schedule’, ‘Delegate’ or ‘Don’t Do’. This technique is inspired by the famous ‘Eisenhower box’ - a tried and tested strategy to help you focus and improve productivity.

Focus Desktop Pad Planner

The Desktop Planner | MiGoals | £8.00 | Shop now

Still on the hunt? Shop all of our Academic and Mid-Year diaries here.

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