All Systems Go

This last week we have been flat out in finishing the renovations and have given one final push to get the shop open. It's been a long but very rewarding week. The furniture, wooden cladding and flooring were finished and so the finishing touches including painting, shelving and cleaning commenced.

Sheer determination and passion is what has driven this project from start to finish and these last few days have been a testament to this. Sid, Rachel and Hannah spent many hours (days) painting the shop to make sure there were no patches and get rid of any remaining blue paint, which seemed somewhat reluctant to disappear. Kyle and Ted fitted the powder coated metal shelving for the magazines, books, cards and gift wrap that were all custom made for our shop.

We set ourselves a target to open the shop on Thursday and so that's exactly what we did! After an arduous all-nighter of cleaning and laying out the stock, followed by Rachel meticulously organising the point of sale and packaging, the shop was transformed from a bare shell into a fully functioning shop! Here's a little pic of Kyle and Sid opening a celebratory drink.

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