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Our design studio Something Good, which you may recognise from over the counter at Something Else, has moved to Clifton with us. Currently huddled around our possessions, in a maze of piled boxes and books, is our hub of creativity on the second and third floors. We now have so much space in our studio we can actually walk around (dodging boxes in the short-term). We get fresh air through our huge sash windows without the sounds of traffic interrupting the peace. We even have an, albeit distant, view of greenery and treetops over Clifton Village. There’s a bunch of local cafes and the award-winning Arch House Deli at the end of the our road is very tempting at lunch times. We’re looking forward to meeting all of our new neighbours.

Whilst the Papersmiths store build is somewhat hectic at the moment, we’re still managing to hold down the busy design studio and have been holding our client meetings in the empty shop. The lovely Andy, marketing manager at The Stable, popped in for a meeting and wasn’t too distracted by our temporary building site/meeting room. Sorry Andy!
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