The Big Weekend

This weekend we realised just how lucky we are to have so many friends and family helping us make a start on our mammoth task of transforming this building.

The original wooden floors on the second level have been revitalised with a bit (a lot) of sanding and painting. All the nails from the previous carpet were pulled up by Kyle and then the floor had to be sanded - dusty and frustrating work but Sid and Hilary (Sid’s mum) did a great job! We washed the floors with sugar soap, let that dry then painted an undercoat onto them. Once the undercoat had dried, we cleaned the floor with meths to prepare for the paint. We chose Little Greene’s Loft White Floor Paint for the floor and applied three thin coats to make sure it’s nice and hard wearing. A painstaking job but so worth while as it was much more cost effective than having a whole new floor put in and we've got to watch the pennies. The space now looks even bigger and brighter than before! On Saturday, we took a trip to a certain Swedish furniture shop to purchase some simple shelves for the stock room. Thank you to Tim and Hilary for driving and putting the shelves up.

Sunday saw us get cracking on painting the bannisters and skirting boards with the help of the wonderful Hattie who came armed with a very posh builders lunch of homemade elderflower champagne and baguettes. Will came along later with summer ale and got to work helping Kyle and Jim (Kyle’s dad) with the suspended ceiling. We had to create a perfectly flat wooden structure which will be clad with beautiful larch wood. It’ll look fantastic when it’s all finished.

It’s been a long and tiring weekend but it’s so rewarding to see our visions starting to come to life in this building.

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