Pick Me: Papersmiths x Berlin

There are paper and stationery shops all over Berlin. Here are the goodies we picked up on our travels.

1. MT Tape, Vitra

2. Burn After Reading Card, Paper and Tea 

3. Number 4, Papier Tigre. They have letters and numbers so you can spell out whatever words you fancy. 

4. Asana tea bags, Paper and Tea

5. Kerzon scented drawer sachets, Papier Tigre

6. Matches, White Trash Fast Food

7. Sticky Leaf Post-Its, Vitra and Artek store at Bikini Berlin

8. Matches, Soho House. We recommend checking out The Store in their lobby. 

9. Copper Card

10.  Midori Polar Bear Envelope from the loveliest little shop that just opened in Mitte.

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