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  • Desktop Sharpener - Klein Blue
  • Desktop Sharpener - Klein Blue

Desktop Sharpener - Klein Blue

Caran d'Ache


Created in 1933, the famous Caran d’Ache sharpening machine has transcended the years and reinvented itself. Its high precision and durability have appealed to generations of pencil lovers.

This sturdy table top sharpener is suitable for sharpening pencils measuring 4 - 10 mm in diameter and also allows you to adjust the type of point you give your pencil!


Klein cultivates the most diverse modes of expression. He writes whether with a fountain pen or a ballpoint pen, to embellish his work, publish books and articles. He draws either with a pencil or with a graphite pencil, to adorn his travel notebooks with sketches. This is why no less than seven iconic Caran d’Ache products have been revisited, giving rise to a unique limited collection.