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Day Four

Today we had to do some ‘normal’ studio work. We got our computers set up in a temporary area at the top of the building. This took ages because Sid’s packing  and labelling system had deteriorated towards the end of the weekend without the help of Rachel, our super organised junior designer. We’re still not sure where the soap and mugs are. The most noticeable difference between our old and new spaces is how peaceful it is as a working environment.Unfortunately, there is a vast amount of tiny nails which have been left behind in the newly discovered wooden floor....

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Days One, Two and Three

After almost three months since we first viewed the property, we finally received the keys to our new shop and studio! The new location has been the worst kept secret for sometime - we were worried about announcing the move publicly incase anything went wrong before signing our lives away. We had hoped to receive the keys in the middle of August which would have allowed a two week overlap between the two properties. Various problems meant we didn’t get our hands on them until Friday the 29th, leaving just the weekend to dismantle the structure of the old shop...

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